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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wannagethigh, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Hey guys. Was jus wonderin if you could gimmie a little help. I wanna grow something small for recreational use. I read up on it quite a bit in the forums- long time lurker here- and decided that an outdoor grow was feasible. I looked in the grow guides that yous guys put up but couldn't find out:
    When do I need to have my seeds germinated for/how big do plants have to be in order to grow outdoors in the U.K.

    Is it possible for me to start a plant or two off in a week or so and get it done before the cold months set in or what? Get back to me as soon as ya can and thanks in advance for any help.

    Peace out.
  2. no? Ah well if you do think of something will ya P.M. me anyone?
  3. High, and welcome to the city!

    I dont know much about your climate, so I cant help you very much. But finishing dates are up to the strain. Find something compatible with your climate and yer set.
  4. Hi.
    i use to live in the uk and i think you could grow there no prob.
    it would be great if you could use a green house to start you of.if you can start now.if you cant its no big prob start them now inside near a window that gets sun light and later on start taking it out side for a few hours a day till about june. arond end of june you should be able to plant in your spot out side.
  5. Thankyou very much. You have been a great help and I love this place.

  6. Had a quick question after reading this thread...
    Is the climate in th uk the same as the united states...
    I ask this because i am in almost the same situation, growing indoors wiht out ne special lighting, juts 10-12 hours of sun lite...
    My plant is about 1 month old and is growing beautifly...
    About how long after i put it outside do u think it will begin to produce bud
    I have about a good 5 months before the weather will chance i will get bud?
  7. in 5 months my friend... you should probably get a little more than just a bud :D

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