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First post And have some questions about this herb I brought home. Thanks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeepindude, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. So I bought this for 180 bucks (I'm in south AL) and was told it was a half I'm buying a scale tomorrow before I do anything else but I do have questions about the quality of this herb could anybody help me out what are your opinions on this does this look good to you? image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Looks just fine.  Welcome to GC!!!
  3. Hey! Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Looks like low mids if not straight up brick weed. I think you got ripped off

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  5. I really don't know this was the first time I have bought any down here (I'm from Memphis) it was hard enough finding somebody I was thinking it did look like brick weed but it wasn't extremely compressed or anything but I don't know I hate that feeling thinking you got ripped off
  6. 180 for that seems like a rip, see if you can find any other dealers or ask if he has better stuff.Sent from The Gods.
  7. Sorry mane. I would pay like $25-$40 that max. Even if it was dry but personally I wouldnt even smoke it.

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  8. Welcome to GC. Them nuggs look pretty good to me. And don't wait. You ain't gonna smoke more than a gram.... maybe.
  9. I wouldnt be so pretentious as to say that I wouldnt smoke it, but it doesnt look like the bees knees. Who knows? You tell us.
  10. that looks like maybe a half of decent regs. worth about $50
  11. The quality looks decent to me, it's not dank or anything but I wouldn't call it brick weed..
    Now the amount...that looks to be about half of what you paid for, I'd guess that's closer to a quarter than a half. 
  12. Where are the trichomes?
  13. Ehh I've seen worse. But that's def not $180 worth for half IMO. Shit, I pay $165 to $200 for a half of dank. $180 for a half, you could of got some bomb over in here in cali. You got ripped on that price. I wouldn't have paid more than maybe $80 for that that's just robbery right there. On the bright side it doesn't look that bad it looks like decent low grade mids and there's nothing wrong with that. But that price though...Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. Doesn't look compressed to me also no visible seeds, maybe dry and mishandled but definitely not brick. I'd call it mid-grade reggie.
    Could be a half oz, still a rip-off though. Dealers who charge that much should be selling top-shelf, or at least very high mids. Don't feel bad though, same exact situation in my area. Average quality for exotic prices.
  15. #15 grape, Jan 22, 2014
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    yeah it's def mids but it's a Halfie. happens to the best of usSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. Well there you have it OP... welcome to GC. The Cannabis Connoisseur workshop. Some of these guys don't even smoke bud. They collect them and trade them like Star Wars action figures!
  17. Totally agree it looks more like a way that's a half. 
  18. Looks like a quarter of schwag at most. I dont know the prices where you live, but id pay no more than $40 for that.
  19. Should of bought a scale before with such a huge purchase... I hope you didn't smoke any yet so you can see exactly how much it weighs.
  20. I cannot thank you enough for the help! Before I did anything else I weighed it with a scale I bought so here's the lucky number image.jpg sorry for the lighting but it's spot on 14g so that makes me feel better I do have to say though I don't really care for this scale it doesn't measure lower quantities like it wouldn't pick up if I put a few nuggs down only all of it so I'm going to get a recommended one from the forum.

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