First Post and a male Ewwww

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by The Main Cola, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. well this is my first post and all i have to show for myself is a male. i know i know i am still debating on whether or not i want to keep him. he is only a week and a half into flowering but i am starting another grow and have to decide whether i want his seeds or if i want to start my next grow. im sure ill decide to go with the next grow.
  2. well, here is Billy.

    He was grown indoors. Veg'd for 2 months and then i put him in 12/12 (of course). came home a few days after 12/12 and noticed the small balls. i was so dissappointed! o yea i used flouros the whole time. a flourex and a dual 40w shoplight in 3 sq. ft.

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  3. I would let it go till you are ready to sex your next grow! Or till the balls open! You cold dry it and make hash out of it!
    just a thought!!
  4. Yeah man, you can make a good amount of hash with that plant, just let it mature.

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