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First post - 1/4 oz no name pickup TX

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by txholla, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Picked this up earlier tonight, smoked a tiny bit. I'm scared it is a bit light but it is pretty dense, really dense. I put it on a postage scale and it read .3 oz but it only does 10ths of an oz. Im gonna get a better scale tomorrow.

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  2. .3 oz is more than a 1/4.
    1/4 = .25 oz, so you got .05 oz free, which is definitely enough to get high another time or two.
  3. Looks pretty nice to me
  4. Fuck, that does look dense.. Looks sooo good..
  5. It is a postage scale though, so I think it rounds up to ensure you have proper postage. Plus it only does .X of an oz. We'll see. haha:smoke:
  6. BTW, it is a damn good high. I didn't smoke very much after this, but I got ripped. Good shit, I took some more pics, I'll upload them later.
  7. Lookin tasty :D
  8. Looks pretty good! :hello:
  9. That stuff looks really good man. Enjoy!
  10. Nice dank man, where in texas is that from?
  11. Looks about right on a quarter, nice lookin bud too man
  12. Looking good my friend...enjoy.:smoke:
  13. dank lookin nug man...

    How much did that run you? Im in dallas... Keep reppin dat TEXAS mayne!
  14. I'd prefer not to give my exact location, but I paid $125. A bit steep, I know, but it is worth it. Some of the best I've picked up.
  15. Just blazed on some of this. Haha
  16. looks like some incredibly good beasters.
  17. that shit looks sooooo dense
    nice pickup for sure!

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