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  1. So this past weekend I was with a close friend of mine (me being the passenger, and she the driver). Just sparking the blunt we had planned, there is a checkpoint up ahead, and there is no getting away from it as the car smelled of dank. We both ended up getting possession citations with a court date set for a month away. We have already planned out a ride to the court (we have the same date, time, and courtroom), and in the state of North Carolina there is the first time offense plea, but my overall questions are:
    -Should we hire a lawyer? We're both first time offenders, so if we go for the plea, its an admission o guilt, a couple classes, and then it would be dismissed. 
    -Should I break this news to my parents? They are highly against this, have no idea I have smoked for so long, and I know if I tell them it would be a disaster (two words, military dad). If I should, how do I? I can't even begin to imagine the way the conversation can go, but 99% chance, it won't be pretty.  I am over 18, so they don't have to know, but I don't want to have my friend's image tarnished in their eyes. Please help,
    Many thanks

  2. if it were me my first thought would be to hope to hell there was no one such as a neighbor that finds out who might tell your as far as the plea deal and a first time offender if I ws sure that it might only be a small fine and no jail time and I could pay the fine off without my parents ever knowing?...that's the way I would do it..jmo..hope this helps..
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    It depends how much money you have to spend. It'll be easier with a lawyer.

    I'm from NC, and this is what I did to get a charge dismissed for possession and discharge of fireworks on public property: I collected character statements from people who were important (professors, teachers, bosses, etc), dressed up in a suit and tie, went to court. When I appeared in front of the judge, I immediately asked to speak with the ADA. I showed her my character statements, used a bit of charm, and she dismissed the case.
    Obviously a possession charge for weed is a bit more serious than fireworks, so I wouldn't expect to get that dismissed right away, but you very well may be able to get it dismissed after some community service. If you want it totally off you're record, you'll have to wait a year and get it expunged, but that's a little more complicated, so I won't go into that

    EDIT: forgot about the parents question. I'd tell them. Crimes are public record, so you'll probably start getting a lot of letters in the mail from lawyers. Kind of hard to explain why you're getting letter from Saul Goodman
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  4. i would tell your parents before they read about it in the newspaper.
  5. If we get a lawyer, would we need 2 or just 1? From what its sounding like we're co-defendants for it. And about the mail, my address had been my apartment some 200 miles away from my parents for some time now, and even mail addressed to me is forwarded from the post office close to home to me (doesn't reach my parent's home), so I'm not worried about the mail aspect. However I want to tell, but I feel if it can be handled without them, I wouldn't want to sound the alarm.
  6. you're not looking at jail time and from i read, not even a license suspension
    you should just go with a public defender
    you're probably just going to have to take some classes to get it dismissed
  7. It's not even that serious. It's like getting a speeding ticket. Not a big deal imo.
  8. No need for a lawyer its a waste, its a pos ticket and your a first time offender. If you just plea guilty youll get off basically Scot free regardless

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  9. Pleading out usually means added probation with the aforementioned things.
    If you can afford it. Split a lawyer between you two.
    yeah, same as my state, but you can bet your ass it'll wind up in the sheriff's report or police blotter section of the local newspapers. you're the one with parents who'll react badly to the news - do you want them to hear it from a third party, or would you rather be a man and admit that you fucked up to your parents?
  11. I'm speaking from experience.. You don't need a paid lawyer, if your not confidant speaking in a court room, then use the court appointed lawyer on the day of your hearing. They are free. Go to court early to see this lawyer prior to your court matter. Now doubt tell your parents, they don't need to know, and this can all be swept under the carpet with out them knowing. Your on a minor charge, so the outcome will be to do a drug course as you are already aware. Good luck don't stress! And after court go get high!

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