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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Duracell, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hi i'm planning to grow my first plant.I just want 1 to smoke with my friends so it doesnt have to be super ultra mega pot it just has to be cheaper than buying it .I'm probly gonna put it in a small closet but i need to know what lights and soil i need. I was thinking about 100w and the tomato compost like grandpa said.
  2. I have to laugh, not at you -- but if I had a nickel for every person who started off wanting to grow just one plant just for their personal use and just so it was less money than buying it...

    That's how I started too, and almost certainly before you were born. Invariably an indoor grow costs more time, effort, and money than you think and will only pay for itself (compared to buying) after the 2nd or more grow.

    Sounds like you read grandpa's grow guide, good start. Keep reading, check links in my sig and all the sticky posts in each forum.

    What kind of 100w light are you talking about? I hope not incandescent (e.g. regular household bulb). Check the light guide in my sig.

    A closet is a great place to grow if you can achieve adequate air circulation to control heat and odor.

    Grow out more than one plant that has a 50/50 shot of being male (which you don't want). I suggest growing out three, that gives you an 88% chance of at least one female.

    Good luck.
  3. I dont really have space to plant more than 1 plant but how long does it take before u can see if its male.And if its male can u make some butter with the plant?
  4. Focus on growing marijuana rather than smoking it. Especially if your new you need to absorb alot of knowledge to take care and maintain your plant.

    Sexing plants usually happens a week after it goes through its flowering stage, which means youd have to grow at least a couple plants to guarantee one female. Theres still lots to learn, smoking males is the least of your concern right now!!!
  5. I cant just plant 3 plants i just cant but what if i buy feminized seeds?And i'm reading a lot of posts right now so i'm learning all i can.
  6. Femmed seeds would be a good approach. However, if you have space to grow one plant all the way out then you should have space for 3 seedlings.

    True, sex will naturally show within the first two weeks of flower. You can also pre-sex the plants by putting them on 12/12 as early as 3 weeks into veg, then once they show sex put them back to veg. If you've got males you can chuck them at that point. If you have more than one female consider yourself very fortunate with a good problem to have -- keep growing them to the limit of your space and then keep only the best-looking one.
  7. Howmuch space will i need for 3 plants?
  8. and if i start flowering early can i smoke it?

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