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  1. This is my first time ever growing a marijuana plant. I've never been much of a gardener. Anyway, I'm starting the plant in my window until I have a good place to put it inside on grow lights. I can't keep it outside for security reasons and my window faces the street so this is a very temporary home. I don't want anyone to notice the strangely shaped leaves on my plant, including the local authorities. A cop even lives in our neighbourhood. It popped about five days ago and has been in soil for about four in my windowsill. I water nearly every day but always check to make sure it's dry by sticking my finger in the soil to the second knuckle before watering. I use tap water that has been sitting out for about a day or two, same water and soil as my other plants which are bell peppers and are also growing in the window. This pot has no drainage holes but I will soon be moving it to a bigger one that does. Any advice? When should I start giving it nutrients? What about advice on subtle grow boxes for indoor grows? Anything will help! [​IMG]

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  2. Don't even think about giving it nutrients for a good while. Might as well cut some drainage holes in the current pot. Throw a gentle fan on it too or else it'll have a weak trunk. Give it good soil and read everything in the link below...

    Grow Weed Easy - Learn How to Grow Cannabis
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  3. It's in pretty good soil, it has wind blowing on it from by window, we tend to get pretty strong winds here. I can't cut holes in this pot easily as it is metal.

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  4. Hi. Get it in a drained pot as ya roots may rot and they also need oxygen. Replant with perlite in ya siol too. Ph yr water too so it can take nutes ok from siol. No other added nutes until its used all nutes already in siol and that can take many many weeks. Good look xx
  5. i wouldn't water every day esp with a pot that big. The dirt has to be really dry nd then u gotta water it
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  6. 150w of lighting can produce a quarter lb.
    LEDs get hot and require the same ventilation as any other light of equal wattage.
    No matter how good you think your soil is it needs more perlite. Cannabis thrives in well-aerated soil.
    CAN and Phresh filters last years, generic and diy only last a few months.
    Buy quality genetics from a known source. Bagseed is a gamble with hermies, mutations, males, etc.

    You might spend the equivalent of an ounce of high grade on your box, but it's worth every penny.

    Cheers and good luck with your grow!! Any questions just ask away :bongin:
  7. Update today, about a week and a half old: [​IMG][​IMG]

    Is she looking alright so far? I'm a rookie and wanna make sure I take good care of my first plant

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  8. Well mine are the same age as yours and look the same. So I think it is normal. I am new to this as well.
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  9. Same here mine look the same and are about the same age!

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  10. they look great so far. Stretching a bit, but that's to be expected from growing in a window. What's your budget for nutrients? Most people swear by the fox farm trio of nutrients. If you're serious about growing, I'd highly recommend reading some of the articles at growweedeasy. I'm a beginner myself and actually still on my first grow (few more weeks till harvest) but a lot of the questions I've read on grasscity are answered on that site. here's an article on nutrients: What Nutrients Are Good for Cannabis? | Grow Weed Easy
  11. I've actually read quite a bit on growweedeasy, however I still like to get advice from real growers. Also, I am still having a problem figuring out my grow space. I'm thinking of getting a small plastic cabinet from Walmart, I went to look today and found one but I'm trying to find a better one now. I'm on a tight budget but I want to have a space big enough for one small plant with good lighting, I'd have a small fan on it at all times in the box as well as an intake and exhaust fan, and a carbon filter over the exhaust. It also needs to be relatively quiet. I believe I'm going to use fox farms nutrients and I'm hoping to add perlite to it if I can find it, I've been to five stores looking now. Dunno why it's so hard to find, maybe it's just my town?

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  12. They sell perlite in walmart! If ur store dont have it just order it online and have them send it to the store! Its free shipping if u pick up in store

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