First Plant Sprouts, Hows it looking ?

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  1. Whats up guys this is my first plants ever, been smoking for 10 years just started growing , wondering how this baby is looking let me know thanks .

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  2. Looks like a healthy green sprout.
  3. I was wondering if the sprouts height has anything to do with anything ? because the sprouts stem is about 4 to 5 inches.
  4. Nice, I have the same question about one of my sprouts, it's pretty long compared to the other two.
  5. Streching possibly? Caused by having your lights too far away.

    What kind of lights are you using?
  6. Using a 120 watt lamp for the sprouts its about 2 feet away
  7. Get that light closer! It's definitely stretching if it is already 5 inches tall. What type of light is it that you are using?
  8. Ya i put it about 6 inches away now feels alot better to me, i forget the make of the lamp but its a 200 watt lamp with a 120 watt bulb in it.
  9. Since it was my first time growing i put a couple seeds in the same pot hopin for something but now i have 4 sprouts coming out the same pot should i wait till the roots gett sturdy to transplant them ?
  10. Also haha sorry for all these questions guys just tryin to get this right , i have my lamp on 24/7 is that good ?
  11. Ya you can stay on 24/7 for now or you can do 22/2 if heating is a issue. I would get those plants transplanted asap so there is no competition for nutes between them and it will save you all the time of having to untangle roots if you decide to do it later.
  12. Nice thanks man
  13. Alrite guys i still havnt transplanted them i will tomorrw wen i go out to buy a few things, what all do i need, i keep seeing nutrients , and different bulb for flowering even tho thats not for a while can someone just list off the things i need to buy thanks .
  14. No, no nutrients right now they are way too young wait until later. Does anybody know the exact date from sprout that plants should start getting nutes, cause im too baked to think.
  15. If i were you i would by some kevlar ( reflective tape), and a ph tester, and a tray to keep some little pots in to move all of them easier thats about it. For now!
  16. Ya thats what im getting at the store tomorrow, probaly pick up some new soil to transplant them in new pots, gotta nice desk to put them on already and ventalition is pretty good 2 windows open right behind it with a fan blowing on them to sturdy the stems up, maybe buy anouther light have 1 right now but im gonna need anouther eventually, PH tester where can you buy them ?
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    Here are some more pics

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  18. One plant per pot man.

    Your going to need more light. That bigger one is way stretched. Try and get the cfls within 2-3" as long as its not too hot (use the back of your hand, if its too hot for your skin its too hot for the plants).

    And again, one plant per pot man.
  19. ya i know cant transplant it right now though i dont have anouther pot gotta go pick up a pot tomorrow and some soil. The Lights about 6 inches away now i just moved it, any closer it burns the hell outta my hand
  20. It's a different spectrum for veg. state and flowering state. Your light bulb, i'm assuming it's a Cfl, should be 6500k, or daylight, for vegging and you can throw in a couple of flowering, 2600k soft white, bulbs too as you get closer to flowering. No nutes for now, wait at least a week or 2, depending on your plant's growth. When you do start, begin at quarter strength or less, you don't want to kill your plant ;)

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