First plant how am i doin?

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  1. ok so i have had this plant growin for 16 days now under a 250 watt florescent grow light and a 23 watt cfl. during the day i put it in my window and let her get some sun and she loves it! i got some pictures here and i just want to see what you guys think and how i am doin since im a begginer.

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  2. You should just leave her under the lights and move them closer. They look a little stretchy.
  3. Do you know what strain it is? my plant is same age, 16days and looks about the same. I thought it was stunned, but i guess it could just be genetics
  4. Wow the name of the strain doesn't matter MJ isnt about that.
  5. its a bag seed of some home grown i got so i thought id try and make it better then my buddy did. and yeah she stretched from sprout cuz the lights were farther then they are now. now shes right under it. but i think the nice sun and heat from the sun help alot because she moves her leaves right toward the sun when shes in the window.
  6. well its day 20 went away for a couple days, came back and wow i was surprised on how much she had changed. i got two pictures, one of what she looks like now and the other is of my set up for now, i know im going to need more lights so you guys dont need to tell me that. if you guys wanna tell me any tips or anything just post on here i am always open for opinion to make her better.

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  7. Maybe not when you're smoking but it matters a lot when you're growing... every strain has different characteristics during the various stages of growth, and a good grower should always know what strain he is using so he can grow it to its best potential.

    Also, if you plan on breeding, strain is everything...
  8. HAH! I like your light setup, its so ghetto haha but hey man whatever works.

  9. yeah short on money so i wont even use any nutes all organic with maybe another flourecent light when i get some more dough.
  10. [quote name='"stpierrejoe"']

    yeah short on money so i wont even use any nutes all organic with maybe another flourecent light when i get some more dough.[/quote]

    But its not really working. Your plant is extremely small for 3 weeks. You should definetly give it more light.
  11. yeah i am gonna give it more light. just short on cash. im just gonna have to wait longer for it to grow to what i want it to for flower.
  12. Got two of the blue colored CFLs and thru them in there and i think she is liking it better. its like midnight so start of day 23. ill put up some pictures later today of the setup and what she looks like now. id like more advice other than MORE LIGHT. like if i can do anything better with the setup for it to get more light or like when i should start nutes. and what kind of nutes i can use because im thinking of using nutes instead of going organic.
  13. New to the forum. 6 soil harvests under my belt so take my advice with a little more caution than some other forum members. First off, i Love the ghetto setup. Try to invest in lighting first and then nutrients. And ghetto doesn't necessarily mean bad. I believe growing is the greatest hobby you can have. The time and effort will pay off. The better you treat her, the better she'll behave. And vice versa. Your on the right track but you will have to upgrade lighting SOON.

  14. yeah i mean like if i dont get more lighting couldnt i just veg longer then flower.? i mean i want it to grow faster but i still want good quality to smoke :smoke:
  15. You can...but it may become frustrating once a few months have passed and your still not in the pre flowing stage. Its important to be patient when growing mj for the first time. But proper lighting effects rate of growth, yield, and quality. If you know for a fact you can't get anymore lighting, mylar is a must. Coleman makes thermal blankets for around 3 dollars a piece. Best reflective material u can use. Get em at walmart. It'll maximize the lumens put off by your light. Also make sure a small fan circulates air through the grow room. Hope this helps.
  16. yeah i gotta get some reflective stuff in there. what about a spray bottle to spray some water on the leafs to keep it moist since my humidity level is only around 20 to 30 % in my closet. but the temp is good around 72-78 degrees.
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    its not letting me put up the pictures sorry!
  18. I'd suggest a couple 5600k CFLs about 2"-3" away from the plant. It is rather underdeveloped for 3 weeks, but that can change.

    CFL bulbs experience diminishing returns on spectrum output after about 6 months of use. If those are older bulbs than they may not be giving off enough of what the plant needs. During the first week of life they don't need as much nutes, but should be larger than what she currently is. That is why I'm leaning toward light deficiency.

    When she goes into flower you will want to add some 2600k lighting, and don't forget a bit of bloom nutes. Use a little less than half of whatever the bottle says.


  19. the bulbs are brand new. and i think since i switched the yellow one with a blue one and added another blue one she is growing a little faster ive noticed.
  20. Try placing a bowl or better yet a square cake pan full off water in there with it, This will raise your humidity without risking burn spots from spraying with lights on.

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