First plant harvested..Didnt like the outcome

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by va_smoker, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. well me and my friend just decided to do a single plant grow operation to see if we could actually get some decent bud. We took some seeds out of the best weed we had and got a plant going. Anyways, everything was going good until about 5 weeks before harvest, we noticed tiny tiny white bugs in the dirt (only the dirt, we never seen these bugs on the actual plant). We didn't think too much about them, and I still don't think they are the cause to our problem. We cut down the plant when about 80% of the pistols turned from white to an amber color. After hanging the plant upside down in the closet for about 5 days we trimmed it down and cleaned it up. But now the problem: The buds texture was not like any bud i've seen before, homegrown or not. it was very light and whispy, like a big bud would break up to only a small amount and when you smoked it, it burned pretty fast compared to other weed. The smoke was good...not as good as i had expected but I got high, so i cant complain. But i dont understand why our weed turned out so "dry and whispy" sorry if i didnt explain it well, its the best i could do haha...anyone have any comments or suggestions?
  2. This is pretty common with most first grows, with experience you perfect the craft. Its possible the plant wasn't receiving optimal watering, lighting, nutrition. But probably, you just got your hopes too high for your first grow. The dry and wispy probably has more to do with your drying and curing methods, rather than your grow. Continue with growing and you will be getting better buds in no time, as you experiment and find the best ways to grow a good MJ plant.
  3. Thats Right... Keep on keep'n on!
  4. Root eating aphids (I had/might have them) can burrow into dirt or rockwool and eat the roots of your plant. It will still live but it stresses the plant and can cause the problems you describe.

    My advice: kill the pests next time.
  5. u didnt let the buds go long enought...the plant puts on the most weight the last 2 weeks...ur buds burned quick becuase they werent as thick as fully matured buds......

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