First plant ever! Outdoor in a pot in Los Angeles! Brown spots!

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  1. Hello!!! I can't believe I started a seed I found, and now my plant is up to my shoulder!
    I planted the seedling in 420 recipe soil, since my local garden shop had it. I believe it's by Emerald Valley.
    About two weeks ago (6 weeks in) I started noticing little pinholes in a few of the leaves so I tried to make a home made chili spray and doused it. I usually get spider mites on anything that's not a succulent around here, and want to go 100% organic. Then I saw shiny spots on the leaves and thought it was thripes so I got some safer soap and doused it after the sun set. It was still looking sad the next day so I took it out to the front of my house to spray it down as quickly and efficiently as I could without being seen by my neighbors kids. Then, again, that night I sprayed it one more time with safer soap. Also forgot to mention that at one point I wiped a few leaves with a soapy paper towel to see if anything came off the plant in hopes of diagnosing the pinholes.
    ANYWAY, two days after the last safer soap spray and I have some browning leaves. The tips of new leaves are browning, and old ones are too. A few larger ones are yellowing as well. I sprinkled a few earth pod fertilizer capsules on the top of the soil before watering yesterday.... do you think it's the mid summer la heat? Most of my foliage plants would never make it out there. It's on my balcony which gets direct sun from noon til 8:30pm right now. Nutrient deficiencies? Pests? Wind? Safer soap? Now that it's this big I'd love to be able to harvest some flowers... since I think it's a girl?

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  2. FYI, if you try an outdoor grow in an urban area with lots of street lights you're gonna get hermies during flower
  3. It's still kind of hard for me to tell what's happening here... here's another photo... maybe someone with more experience has an idea? I just ordered general Organics nutrients... I hope they come soon and if I add some everything will be ok! Got a soul ph meter and it says the ph is at about 6.5... the soil is dry though, I'm about to repot!

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  4. What is that?

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  5. Hermies meaning your plant will make female buds and also male pollen sacs
  6. Oh! Is that bad? Is there a way to stop this? There isn't a street light shining on it but I do have a patio light
  7. Well it's not good :( you should turn that light off at night or somehow cover it so your plant doesn't get any of the light. It should be in complete darkness at night. If your plant hermies it could pollinate itself leaving you with seedy buds.

    Here is some more information if you want. Male Plants, Hermies & Bananas | Grow Weed Easy
  8. Oh, ok gotcha! I will turn it off... but I'm worried it won't even flower at all with the way it's going right now... hope I figure this out, at this point I would be happy with seedy flowers but does that mean they wouldn't be psychoactive? Thank you so much for all your help so far!
  9. To be honest I'm not sure what you mean by psychoactive I have not heard this term before.

    I see no one with more experience is trying to help with your problem so I would recommend going to grow weed easy website and see if you can find exactly what your problem could be.
  10. I did- I read it all and bought nutrients, assuming that I have a nutrient deficiency. I was just worried that maybe the safer soap I sprayed on the plant is what caused the damage. Or that maybe it was a pest. I am surprised you haven't heard the term psychoactive on a marijuana forum/website! The psychoactive effects of marijuana are the effects you feel (getting "high").. thc is psychoactive, cbd isn't, from what I understand!
  11. Ahh I understand what you mean now. Unfortunately I do not have enough experience to give you a answer to that question.
  12. No worries, honestly I might be ok if I ended up with some seeds, as I was pretty excited this one grew into a plant at all! I was just hoping for a little house plant but now that it's getting so big I figure I might as well try!

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