First Plant - About a week in.

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  1. I started this plant out in a big pot with another palm tree looking thing in it. Just foolin around. Well it grew and now I got this bad girl.




    shes a bagseed plant, but once she started growing nice, i decided to put some time into her. Hows she lookin? shes about a week in and i got her an inch or two away from a 150w flouro with a box surrounding it, lined with tinfoil. Shes in this scott soil.


    And I put them little nitrogen sticks in the pot that its in. I did have it in a cup, but then i transplanted to the pot. I dont have any fans on this. And I dont have any fertalizer. Right now, i have it on a 24 hour on light scedule and I water it whenever the soil isnt moist anymore. Am I doin things right so far? Any help and/or feedback would be awesome. thanks.
  2. Lookin good sofar:hello: what are nitrogen sticks?
  3. you dont really needs nutes yet, and do u have a fan in there, cause i know for a fact the inside a tin foil lined both its gets hot. get a thermometer. and water every 2 days or so.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some questions. There was indeed some sort of bug on my plant. I couldnt tell, cuz i just blew them off the plant, but it looked like there could have been 2. One was already under a leaf, and the other was on top of a was real small and just looked like a black dot, so i brushed my hand over it and i could see it kick a little then bolt under the leaf. Wondering what I could do to prevent any bugs from chillen on by bud.
  5. Make sure you kill them, and they could have come from something that wasnt clean. But if your indoors you should be fine. Lets us know if any more bugs show up, and get a pic of them.
  6. Whats the best way to kill them? I was thinking i wouldnt have a big problem with bugs, but I dont know.

    im gunna be growing in a closet in my appartment. I got this one plant growing, and im germinating about 15 bag seeds. They are all from the same 3 pounds that i bought. The stem when i first started growing turned red, and after it started growing i asked someone here about that, and someone said it was probably a strain characteristic...from what it looks like it is, because the red/purple color that is on the stem, is running all the way up it.

    Anyone think they know what strain it could be?

    The seeds were from some shwag i bought...but im hoping that if i grow it right in the right soil and under 800w of hps light i will get a good bud with good yeild.
  7. If there are only a couple just kill with your hands, but if your infested then you should post some pics of the bugs and the what they are doin to the plant in the Sick plants board. Ask about an insecticide, I dont know anything about them so I cant help there.

    If you didnt buy the seeds specificly by strain then theres no way to be certain about any strain. And the color change is most probably a strain characteristic, keep an eye out to see if anything else changes because of the color though.
  8. I was looking at my plant and I saw that my first 2 " 5 leaf " fan leaves are coming. and I noted that, when i look at the tops of the leaves at an angle, they almost look purple. I know its way to early to tell, however, the thought of gettin a purple strain from bagseed ( 3 pound bag, I have plenty of these seeds ) is exciting.

    Havent seen any of those bugs, and I just planted 2 seeds from the same batch because they germinated...I still have about 10-13 seeds germinating, and Im going to plant them all.

    How many watts of flouro's should I have over 5-10 plants until veg time. Oh yeah, at what time during the plants life do I switch it over to 18/6 for veg? Or how tall should it be before I switch the lighting?

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