First plant, 6ft tall hermi?

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    Hey guys, first post here. I've been lurking for about a year now, but here goes,

    So for my first try at growing, 3 of my seeds that I had in an old computer case setup, and two died, one survived. The survivor was moved outside when it was about 1.5ft tall, and it is now 6ft tall and growing seeds.
    Trouble is i have no clue whats up with it, its got that female 'tendril' on the Y's buut its growing seeds? should i pick them or what?
    more pictures later, just sent myself 3 for now

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  2. Uh that plant is male. . . Sorry bud
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    i've had people tell me both,, confusing as shit because it's got both seeds, but as you can see in the 1st pic pretty well, its got that tendril,
  4. sorry bud, looks male
  5. That's a nice color on the pollen sacks tho. Would make a great father with all that coloring. Harvest the pollen get a female and make your own seeds.
  6. thats really sad, this guy was a beast, grew real strong on his own. what happens to male plants if i just let it keep growing?
    i know i could probably try to get a little hash oil, just to get something out of this, but will the sacs develop into seeds too?
  7. no they won't, just pollen no seeds
  8. well that sucks haha, thanks everyone though, i guess i know now
  9. Really man keep that pollen. You can store it for when you learn more about growing. Keep his genetics alive.
  10. soo i could just like get a plastic bag and shake it over the top there and catch it that way? possibly move it from there to a film canister or something for storage?

    also, i didnt know that what the plant was pollinated with matters, i thought it was all the same?
  11. Every male plant has different genetics just like humans. That's what makes us different and it's just like in plants. Yeh and you can collect the pollen that way. Film canister is a great storage bin for it. Then you would apply that pollen to your next female plant and create seeds and make your own strain of MJ.
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    thanks! thats definitely one part of growing that i havent read about for hours and hours on dry nights, i definitely will have to check it out.
    what were the qualities that you saw though? was it just as simple as the color of the pods or was there anything else?

    really, thanks again
  13. Reason y I'm saying get the pollen is because the actual pollen sacks are pink. Which is interesting. Cross that with another colorful female and have some fun finding something in the offspring.
  14. The 'tendrils' you noticed at the base of each branch are probably stipules, and both genders have these. Behind the stipule, between it and the branch/node, you will find the bits you need to determine gender. From the looks of it it's just a male, and probably has been the entire time :(

    The sacks appear pink/red because the plant is suffering from a feeding imbalance, just have a look at the stalks and stems. It looks like it may have been fed decently enough early on, the ground or soil replacement may have had some nutrition to start, but as it's grown larger, it's either depleted what is available or it's become a little more hungry for something besides what the earth is providing.
  15. Thats a big ass dude right there.
  16. If you look at the bottom of the........................OMFG IS THAT A PENIS :eek:
  17. yeah thats pretty much exactly what i did actually, i found some really good soil around the house, and it matched up with the right nutrient numbers or whatever they are,, but the soil where i planted it outside is just sorta dirt, its very rocky, but it was next to a pretty healthy looking swamp, so i thought it might be okay. apparently not though

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