First pipe!

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by DDV, May 12, 2011.

  1. Blades! I just purchased a brand new pipe online.

    .. It's a seashell pipe! :hello:

    I placed the order today and the guy said I should get it by Monday. Here's the pic on the website:


    I got the third one from the left. What'd you think? Awesome right? :D
  2. Hmm... I am new to all of this, but I haven't seen something like that yet. Just metal pipes and glass spoons. The one you are getting is sick too. All that teal. Like the Statue of Liberty. haha.

    Almost looks like it is meant only to be looked at... like something I would buy at Myrtle Beach. haha. Hope it gets you fuckin' lifted man!
  3. Idk man , truthfully, you could have just went to the beach and found one. How much you pay though?

  4. Yeah I know haha, i was thinking about that too. It cost me $8 + $3 shipping.
  5. That's just a shell with a screen...

  6. Well that aint bad because you probably wouldent find one that perfect of a shape on the beach haha, is that beeline wrapped around it?

  7. Yep, that's beeline. And yeah it's pretty much just a shell attached to another one w/ a screen, but the guy who made it was really cool and I thought I should support him anyway :p
  8. I got to make me one of them
  9. I guess that's reason enough man. Plus your first pipe doesn't need to be fancy. It just has to allow you to smoke. haha. Everyone on these forums have been giving me hell about my first and only piece that I posted pics of. Lol. Oh well.
  10. ^ I dont think its his first piece haha.
  11. The title says "First Pipe!" I guess that could mean that until know he has smoked only out of heady bongs. haha... but I doubt it.

  12. Yeah I read your thread on your first pipe a while back.

    Small pipes are nice though :p they're handy too haha.
  13. Honestly would have never invested in this.
    Metal screen = bad news.
    never mind a heated shell???
    to each his own.
  14. Haha. Indeed small pipes are nice. I pretty ripped from mine right now, though, I did just come back from the bar, somehow had three drinks with my father and his friends... huh?

    Anyways, this is the start of a 1-week t-break for me, cause I have a sick bong arriving next week!!! Sorry, I am still just so excited. I can't tell anyone, because none of my friends smoke as much as me. :(

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