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First Pipe Help!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coldgreenetea, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. OK, so I bought my first pipe, then when It arrived I smoked it for this past week like 24/7. Here is the pipe.
    Acrylic waterpipe - American little train - Dutch -
    So, after a week or wear and tear on the pipe, I brought it upon myself to clean it...Now, the first chamber, the one with the bowl right above it get super dirty, lots of shit is caked onto the walls of the, while I was cleaning it with a q tip, the tip broke off into the first chamber, and it seems that it wont ever come out....unless I disolve it without hurting my pipe....Now, the second chamber, with the carb on it is not that dirty but yellowish kinda. The end of the q-tip in the first chamber doesnt or never has blocked anything...but it might make it harder to clean.

    So the questions do I get a REALLY good no gunk, no mess on the insides.
    And about the q-tip end in would i go about to remove it.
  2. idk what you are going to do about the q tip but if you get some rubbing alcohol and sea salt. fill the chamber you want to clean and shake it untill the grit comes off, this should do the trick
  3. Yea just fill it with isopropyl alcohol and shake it up and then drain and it rinse it with water. You'll be amazed.
  4. Wait, doesn't alcohol crack some acrylic pieces??? My roomate cracked his bong last year trying it. My advice is to throw it out and upgrade to something glass on glass, you wont regret it, better for you and easier to clean.
  5. yeah alcohol and salt +1
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    Yes. rubbing alcohol will deteriorate your acrylic, especially the glued bonds very quick. I was also told the alcohol permeates the plastic, but I don't know about that. But I know it eats it up. Usually within a year (sometimes months) it'll eat through the bonds.

    I learned from old school heads from the 70's (they used mostly acrylic pipes) that they used to use olive oil. It takes longer to work but it dissolves the resin and won't eat the plastic. They never mentioned glued joints but it seems like it would be safer.

    To get the Q tip out you just have to very carefully slide the down stem out of the rubber grommet, then pull out the rubber grommet to wash it out. Then put the grommet back in place and slide the down stem back in it.
  7. isopropyl alcohol + 2 tbsp of salt and a ziploc plastic baggy. Make sure the isopropyl covers the whole bowl.

    shake well, if you want it crystal clear leave it in the isopropyl bag overnight. Repeat for desired cleanliness.

    takes off the res in chunks.
  8. anything with angles are going to be hard to clean and the sharper the angle the harder. i'd suggest trying to break the pipe down as much as possible and cleaning it then,

  9. have you ever been to the liquor store, or bought isopropyl alcohol? liquor is sometimes sold in plastic bottles, and i've never seen iso alcohol sold in anything other than plastic, so no, I don't think plastic soaks up alcohol or deteriorates due to alcohol either. just my .02
  10. that plastic is different than acrylic. Like I said I've heard it makes it brittle, but I don't know. But I can guarantee it eats through the glue, because it happened to both of my old bongs.
  11. My friend uses this stuff called Resinate from our local head shop, keeps his stuff wicked clean, and works in a heartbeat. Not sure about your Q-Tip problem...may just want to try to do some careful fishing.Check it out

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