First Pipe... Any Way To Fix This..?

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  1. Hey everyone. I got my first pipe 2 weeks ago and closely inspected it at the shop, no problem. I take it home and it just sat in my room for about a week before I actually decided to use it. Saturday comes and I take the pipe (about to use it) and admired my first glass piece.... but then I noticed a crack somehow formed in the pipe.. I was really bummed out but smoked out of it anyway. I threw the receipt away the day I bought it cuz I didnt think I'd need it.. Anyway, the morning after I smoked I took the pipe again and noticed that the crack was gone... I was so relieved. Later that night the crack came back and I thought, maybe if I smoked out of it again, it might disappear. Sadly, it only faded. But its been another week past and the crack got much worse.. Is there any way I can get it fixed? Maybe take it to a glass blower to reheat it or is that not possible? I paid 45$ for this pipe. Should I just keep it and use it till it breaks or should I get rid of it and buy a new one?


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  2. its probably just a pressure crack, it should be fine i mean getting a glass blower to reheat it isnt a common thing to do as long as smoke doesn't escape through the crack its fine. it just might might make it a little more fragile if dropped.
  3. Its harmless no smoke will escape but that is shitty.
  4. Every now and then ill just buy a dry dry pipe for the hell of it and the last 3 have had cracks in them I didn't notice till I was home....... fucking china glass
  5. ya man use it till it breaks all the way shitty but it happens to the best of us

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