First piece-OG Glass.

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  1. I've always tried a variety of smoking methods, from blunts and joints to capes and water pipes. I always bought relatively cheap pieces cause I know how much it sucks to break an expensive, well, anything. After going to a party his weekend I ripped a friends beaker/flask style purp bong. I was blown away at how smooth and tasty, a "better" bong can be. I just purchased a tokemaster a couple weeks ago, and while I like it, I had to switch my load out ASAP. The TM hits good, really good,but it isn't very efficient, has a ton of drag and gets water on your lips constantly. I thought I was doing good, now after having gone shopping, the TM is for sale and I am loving my new piece =}
    OG glass 15" tall with inline slotted diffuser, triple disc diffusers, OG glass adaptop/ash catcher with slotted diffuser and a nice 5 long finger ashcatcher I got from a Canadian site. Everything cost me about $315, I'm sure there's better choices for that amount but I am more then satisfied. I get huge, creamy shots that are sooo smooth, all while getting 2 better hits from the same amount i would get one good hit with the TM. I know the angle is weird but its comfortable and easy to use. Everything is made with nice thick glass Tastes even better using a beeswax wick. Thinking of gluing some small lead weights to the back of the base to act as counter weights.
    I usually name my bongs and pipes and have dubbed his one Steamin Hawkins. Hope you all like it and please feel free to comment, advise and criticize. I'm new to this so any and all feedback would be great.

    Love this site, seems like a great community, been browsing these boards for a week or so and have yet to see any real trolling or bullying, which is great considering the typical nature of forums.

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  2. It might be overkill with that many ash catchers.

    Otherwise i like the glass :)
  3. Welcome to the city:gc_rocks:

    Sweet piece my man, how about the drag?
  4. Very little drag, surprisingly. I ordered the 5 finger AC and it didn't fit well due to the thick lip at the bottom of it and the 90" angle leaves little room to improvise. This forced me to purchase the center joint/adaptor which fixes the clearance issue. And while not planned, the angle of the ash catchers, in addition to there being two of them, keeps all debris from getting into the bong itself.
  5. Have you ever looked into replacing one of the ash catchers with a carbon filter? It would keep your bong crystal clear, and you wouldn't have to worry about that joint extender. I have one, and it's one of the best add on's I've purchased.

  6. Beats, if I can find one that'll fit this tight 90" configuration I probably will. However I have to say after a good 2 hours of enjoying some very "polleny" Afghan kush (this current strain leaves yellow stains) everything is really clean and there's no debris. Any suggestions, I've yet to look into carbon filters ?
  7. I'm looking at some now, man wish I had ordered all this stuff together lol. Any links to some good deals would be appreciated !
  8. Well, I'll post a pic of mine tomorrow, and go more into it. Too tired right now lol.

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