First piece! *High res pic*

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    Picked up my first piece to call my own. Modest little bubbler. Pretty stoked on it.

  2. 56k warning??? i feel sorry for anyone still on dialup...
  3. True that. Not that I expect many people to be on dial-up, just always learned it as good forum courtesy :p

  4. Dial up?! I loaded this shit on 3G lol
  5. thats a sick bub dude
  6. yeah i would love to get one like that.
  7. Lol @ dial up i used to have a nice $70 huge complex glass pipe it was awesome and big until it broke then the salvaged peice i was using broke then a stupid friends bro tried to clean my other bowl and broke the damn hole at the bottom of the bowl. now all i have is a shitty awful tasting metal pipe with no screen. but luckily next month ima order me a nice heavy duty hand blown glass pipe wait for it to come in get a nice bag of buds and have an early Christmas.
  8. nice bubbler man! :smoke:
  9. Nice peice

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