First Piece, did i get ripped off!?

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  1. I'm new to smoking and i just got my first piece, a bubbler for $15. I know thats really cheap for a piece, and the bubbler does feel pretty fragile but im not like a serious smoker or anything, just once in a while with friends. Will it do the trick? Or is it too crappy to even put water in? Thanks!!

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  2. $15 for a water-cooled high? Yeah, you did fine.

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  4. Thats not a bad deal. When in a pinch, I've gotten a way worse deal than that.
  5. Yeah. 15$ for a bubbler is legit. a basic spoon normally runs 10-20$
  6. fair deal. nothing out of the ordinary, OP you did fine.
  7. Am i in the apprentice toker forum?
  8. /\ shut up.

    I'm with the guy who pasted after the op. Nice deal :D
  9. Fill that up with water.
    You got a good deal buddy... It actually looks pretty cool.
  10. id give u 20 right now for it. maybe even thirty. lol 4 real we dont got many smoke shops around closest one is like 50 miles. nd there sky high in prices. they sell glass china shit. like glass spoons for 50 that are so generic looking. this piece is cool really wierd that its a bubble i totaly want it.
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  12. Thanks a ton guys! Once im done with my sport (baseball) im gonna toke up!
  13. That it is well worth the money you spent, I hope it offers much satisfaction. Good price for a good piece!!
  14. This is my second piece and i love it i named him herb the bowl of understanding. But dude u deff got a good deal mine was $15

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  15. Not bad. Looks a little weak where the stem meets the bowl.

    You can see they were two separate pieces and were melted together. But for fifteen bucks not bad.
  16. How/what can i do to enforce this joint? Will duct tape or something be good?
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    You shouldnt use tape at all it should be good man

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