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First Pickup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kushinator, May 30, 2009.

  1. Me and a friend gave $15 to a friend we've known for a couple years. He bought us some weed from his dealer and gave it to me today. It is really green, lots of trichs and very frosty. Sorry for the bad picture.

  2. If thats a nickel then you got ripped, sorry to say man. :(
  3. That's a quarter..
  4. I'm canadian :rolleyes: Although from reading 95% of grasscity's "what they're paying" I guess i'm getting mine way cheaper.
  5. Alright, 15 should buy you a gram, and unless that bud is really dense it's not a gram. So you got ripped off. But hey, the bud looks like it could be good (hard to tell from the picture)
  6. It obviously depends on location. 25 will buy a gram in one place and a slice in the next. Same with $15.
  7. Looks like you paid 15 dollars for 2 hits of weed, Dosnt matter how good it is, thats not worth it, Thats fucked you friend knew he was taking advantage of you probably

  8. This is true, thanks for correcting me :) I'm really high :smoke: i was just imagining myself going to MY dealers. took for granted, this is a different situation haha
  9. If this is two hits of weed to you.. damn..
  10. honestly i don't think it looks that bad. it's not a great deal, but you said it's good weed, and when you're buying in small amounts through a middleman you can't really expect a ton
  11. Looks like a little over enough to fit a decent sized bowl.

    If its dank (hard to tell) then that's about right. I pay 20$ a gram for my shit.
  12. you gots pinched.

  13. no it isnt

  14. ooohhhh shit nvm
  15. Usually .7-1g is the size of a quarter. Usually you can get that for $10. Maybe he got it for 10 and sold it to you for 15. Better than my first time buying tho, enjoy that shit :hello::wave:
  16. I scraped off a few leafs, and smoked 'em out of a homemade bong and I am fucked up..
    Tomorrow is gonna be fun. (p.s. Do you know how hard it is to spell "tomorrow".. god..)
  17. #17 Fungardner, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009
    Well, there's a quarter so start calling someone.....

    And tell them to give you the rest of your weed! You got ripped off. It may be good but you should be aware for the next time.

  18. You werent ripped off horribly and its nothing to make a big deal over, but that isnt your moneys worth.

    Just confront him and tell him you know he shorted you and you want a FULL gram next time you buy from him. Post pictures up next pickup, if people say its still short then you got to find another dealer.

    But for a first pickup its all good, alot of dudes get jipped there first time. But still enjoy your first purchase of bud :smoke:.

  19. A gram typically provides 2 (.5 bowls) to 5 (.2 bowls) bowls. And for $15 for dank, he should have gotten around a gram. And the stuff shown looks like it could fill up my bowl with room to spare.

  20. Yeah you're probably right.

    So what do you think, he got maybe .5?

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