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First pickup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rendy, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hey gc, first post and legit pickup here!

    Quarter of some lemony smelling dank. Thoughts?

    Did I get jipped? Is there a quarter in there? Keep in mind I already smoked 1g

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  2. July 2011 and its your first pickup? Anywho looks like a quarter judging by how dense they "look". Its impossible to say though, although I can't comment on quality cause the picture isn't really focused on the buds. Btw, get a scale and then you'll know for sure cause unless you can touch it, it's really difficult to say
  3. Looks like at least 7g's to me
  4. Meh if its dense enough I guess it could be the right amount. Looks a little short to me tho
  5. Everything looks good man. Enjoy that shit :smoke:
  6. hey it looks oh so good to me

    hand a couple nugs this way :p
  7. ya especiay if u already toked a g.

    in that thought how do u know u toked a g? weigh it? now weigh the rest :D
  8. Welcome to the thug life.
  9. looks good to me. especially if its dense. the way i see it is, half eighth should the weed should fill half the bag in width when spread out in the bag. a eighth should fill the entire bag across, a quad double etc.
  10. not sure if weed is dense or if bag is short
  11. is that a dude in a Leopard coat back there?
  12. Looks to be correct ;)

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