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First pickup, but I'm not convinced it's really weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ghostshipIV, May 13, 2010.

  1. a few years ago it was around 45 now its 30ish
  2. Dude dont worry about it too much, we get a lot stupider questions around here. The guy dosen't know what he's talking about. Personally I as well give a shit about what I am going to be inhaling, clearly some don't...

  3. According to google it's $43.

    Either way, these threads get pretty fucking old every single day.

    OP, I dont blame you for asking, but still.
  4. #24 Art17, May 13, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2010
    So did I 20 gbp to usd - Google Search

    20 British pounds = 29.54600 U.S. dollars

  5. I copy/pasted exactly what he typed in his first post (£20 GBP) into google and that's what it gave me.

    Either way it was a ripoff.
  6. When I was in America last year it was something like 38 dollars maybe? I guess it will have changed significantly since then though.
  7. oh big whoop a bunch of these threads get made every day, no one makes you look at 'em though guys. don't be douches. this guy is just trying to enjoy some weed and he had a question.. it's like people forget they're in the apprentice toker section or something too.

    to the op,

    enjoy, dirt weed or not it worked!
  8. You would think by now there would be some cognitive reasoning going on and you would learn to avoid these topics since they're so abrasive to you. Maybe you should avoid the apprentice tokers area all together. Do us all a favor.

    I've smoked some Mexican ditchweed just like that and it knocked me on my ass. You just never know. :p

  9. No. People shouldn't make threads asking if they got ripped off or not, it should be a fucking rule if you ask me. I shouldn't have to 'avoid' threads like this - they shouldn't clutter this section up. I'm sure even the mods get sick of it.

  10. Apprentice Tokers?
  11. Welcome to the site ghostship.

    And to those that complain certain threads are posted over and over again,
    I frequented this forum alot 8 years ago, and a tiny bit off and on since then. I gots news for ya: The same threads that frequently pop up now, popped up 8 years ago, and I'm betting they're going to pop up 8 years from now as well.

    It's the whole reason the Apprentice Tokers section was created, and if it offends ya maybe ya should stick to the other forums :smoking:
  12. If you are new to smoking then I wouldn't worry too much about quality, you'll have so little tolerance that most things will knock you on your ass. That didn't look so good though, I'd suggest that you canvass the area for any possible dealers, and try and build up a decent network of reliable dealers. Once you have that you're pretty much set for quality weed, though it is much easier said than done.

    And to everybody raging about it-this is the apprentice tokers forum, it's kind of intended for these sort of threads to help along newby tokers.

  13. I'm not sure if you've ever been out of the country but the exchange rate for currency makes no difference. If an item is $200 here it is going to be €200 in Europe, even though the euro is technically worth more it makes no difference in pricing.

    And I realize he is using British Pounds which actually do have a difference in pricing since they are worth so much more, but it still isn't as clear cut as the exchange rate may imply.
  14. Could be shake, couldn't tell you with the pictures though.

    Smoke it and find out is all I can say
  15. How'd it go?
  16. if it smells like dirt or earth its just some shitty mids that they had and by the brow color it is thats all i can tell
  17. Sometimes weed is dry. Sometimes weed is shitty. I would be able to tell you what it was if i seen a picture.
  18. get a bag of green tea and compare the smell. if they smell identical, they probroally mixed it with some fake herb. something like catnip. some kid pulled mixing it with catnip on me and i got my money back. catnip burns way way faster than weed. the bag didnt smell like weed but more fresh. it smelt exactly like green tea. the only thing you can do is smoke it really.
  19. yes that is true even if its shit your high peak on it if you have low tolerance. but you would peak way easier with good stuff.

    when you buy from someone you dont know chances are your not getting good shit. dont pay extra for "strains" either becuase chances are its not the strain they say it is. just buy regular quality shit. they might even pinch the bag if their douches.
  20. Yeah that looks like weed mixed with tobacco to me.
    It doesn't mean the weed isn't good, but I guess you won't know till you smoke it.
    I don't know why, but some cheapo dealers get away with selling ready mixed weed. Almost as if they've just ripped open a few spliffs and thrown it all in a baggie. :S

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