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First Pick Ups in a Year (help)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 4thMeal_Snack, May 27, 2009.

  1. Does this look like a decent dime purchase. I took a break for a year since I moved so I have new connections. Let me know if I should go to my friend again. They are decent high mids. Sorry for the bad quality picture.

  2. it looks like shake to me, i always try to avoid the...
  3. Yeah a dime of mids i get would feel up a whole sulifane..i get 3.5gs in a dime of mids, i would never really want any lower then 3 tbh.
  4. looks like it could be a dime, looks like its been ground up too so its hard to say.
  5. take em out of the bag but yea the weight looks straight enough
  6. Looks like shake to me. Usually won't have as many crystals, which means less THC. I wouldn't stop going to him just for this, but I would definitely ask for a nug instead of shake next time. And if this is your first purchase then you should tell him to make it up to you. Tell him you'll be a regular buyer (if you plan on purchasing from him frequently), and say you want to get hooked up in return. It'll be more than worth it for him in the long run.
  7. looks like its been grinded up or it cud be shake, but hey you cant judge your new connect because of one deal, i say do another pickup and be straight up and ask to scale it in front of you and make sure its a nice bud not shake/grinded up

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