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First pick up of the semester.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BuzzLiteBeer, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Just moved into my dorm for this year and got my first pick up since April (sober since the end of May). I don't have any real connections back home(oddly enough...but I didn't start toking until college) so I dont buy over the summer. Also included a pic of my apparatus (I'm a chem major and snagged a few side-arm flasks during my lab job over the summer).

    Anyways, here some $60/8th Kush from Canada. Pardon the shitty quality of photos, its from a camera phone.

  2. Nice pick up.
    I really like your set up, though. I think it would be cool if you put something on the end of the tube so it would stay in your mouth that way you can be playing video games or something while smoking. (if someone else was lighting it for you)
  3. wow. nice set up haha.
  4. Thanks, I think I'm gonna post better picks of it in the Smoking Tools section.
  5. haha those beakers r pretty sick bro. n props with that canadian kush bet thats pretty legit. enjoy :smoke::wave:

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