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First pick up and qs! Please help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudBuddies, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Okay so I did my first pick up with a guy today and he seemed cool and sold a "variety" of drugs. I only got bud(a dubb) for 20 bucks. He just took it from a bag of probably an ounce or two and gave me like 6 or 7 buds equaling like my finger lenGth(nobidy weighs weed here) and width(big fingers). I hooked em up wwith some papers (hard to get for teens were i am) and now they love me. They claim whatthey gave me was around 1.5 or more grams. Youthink he lied?

    Also, tomorrow my friend is smoking for his first time and i have this peppermint herb and was wondering if i rolled a j with it, if it would taste good?

    I personally think it would and plan to try!

  2. Lol who doesn't weigh weed.. Anyways post pics
  3. If it was about the size of 3 fingers it should be just around 1.36 grams, give or take.

    No, just kidding, post some pics! Pictures alone are hard enough to tell, since you never know denseness. But at least we can get a better idea.

    And just saying , I highly suggest you invest in a scale. Drop 10 bucks and buy a crappy one, but at least you know about how much you're getting(talkin about the 0.1 increment 500g scales). Or drop 20 and get a .01g scale that would come in a lot of use.

  4. I probably will get one soon cuz i will probably end up dealing when i get an O or 1/2. And pics are pointless cux my camera is horrible and they come out black... Lol
  5. Good idea.

    And don't talk about dealing, not to backseat mod, but it's against GC rules. Probably shouldn't mention it again or you might risk warnings.
  6. most people compare nugs to quarters, but fingers work I guess...
  7. Sooo... where you live, when you meet up with a dealer, instead of breaking out a scale, he says, "stick out your finger"??? :confused_2::smoke:

  8. weeee oooo weeee ooooo

    do you know why I pulled you over tonite?

    Anyways no one can help with no pic
  9. nobody weighs weed there?
    how would you know, isn't it your first bag?

    Buds can be dense or they can be fluffy, therefore "a finger length" means literally nothing.
  10. Lol so what if you wanted to buy an O or something?

    "Hold out your fist, bro"
  11. [quote name='"Pickle McSmurf"']Lol so what if you wanted to buy an O or something?

    "Hold out your fist, bro"[/quote]

    I lold

  12. 8 fingers. :p pfft.

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