First Photoshop Creation, whata you think?!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Electus Unus, May 28, 2010.

  1. thanks for your time, i just got photoshop and made this sig as my first project.

    i think i did great. check it out vvvvvvv
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  3. okay now that its here

    thats pretty cool! good job!
  4. thanks man. im already downloadin new brushes. heres one i just finished with newer smoke effects.

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  5. That sig is really cool man:smoking:
  6. nice job man , grads
  7. Today is the first day I realized what 'sig' was... it's that graphic thing at the bottom... I always wondered why I don't have any...
  8. That looks great :)
  9. thanks for all the nice words guys. im about to hop back on photobucket. if anyone has any ideas or wants an avatar let me know i could use the practice
  10. It's a little small but a great job for your first piece. Looks a lot like mine. lol
  11. did you follow a tutorial on how to?
  12. not too bad, try some of these tuts...

    Board Message

    You might have to sign up to see the tutorial forum, i dont remember, but they have a shit ton of great tuts thatll introduce you to new tools and techniques
  13. LOL GGrass that made me laugh.

    But yea dude, that's pretty cool for first stuff. You're well on your way 8)
  14. thanks for the link ive been gone on a camping "trip". had some shrooms while camping if you get the pun, lol.

    but im gonna start workin with this some more

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