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First Person You Smoked With

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokinghornet, May 22, 2013.

  1. so the first time i smoked was with my dad we got our truck stuck mudding one time and spent two days digging it out and when we finally got it out he handed me a pipe and told me i earned it

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  2. my best friend
  3. man that was a long ass time ago... a couple friends i think. Don't talk to them at all anymore.. dunno where they went
  4. A group of people mixed with my current BF, 5 friends and two random people I didn't know.
  5. First time I ever smoked, I pinched a joint from my moms boyfriend and walked down the road to my friend B's. We smoked it and got stupid high.
  6. Myself but when I was high I had 3 personalities so I was like 3 people. I couldn't stop talking to myself my first time I was so energetic and social.
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  7. My brother let me try his bubbler on 4/20 one year with a bunch of his friends. I was like 14 I think. I felt like the coolest kid in the world.
  8. A group of like of like 5. Don't talk to any of them except 1 occasionally because he's the only one that I made really good friends with.
  9. Do you consider yourself "sane"?
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  10. My big brother. It was hands down the best day in my life
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  11. My favorite cousin she introduced me to every damm thing.
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  12. A friend turned asshole, it was a good first high, and he was cool then, then he started being an ahole to me and used me to bet weed. I keep tokin, just not with him. :bongin:
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  13. naw, hes schizophrenic.
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  14. 3 of my good friends at my best friends birthday
  15. I smoked with my best friend and an ex-good friend of mine. We smoked a j in below freezing weather in a foot and a half of snow at night. I almost died from it being so cold :eek:
  16. I had somehow roped my schools equivalent of South Park's Butters into joining me whilst everyone else was in class. He was sure to ring a jug of water in case we were gto accidentally start a fire.
  17. With one of my close friends like most people
  18. Whit my couzin it was his first time too , we still toke when we have time !
  19. With my cousin... we'll he's like my brother. Wouldn't have changed a single thing that night!
  20. The kid that I carpooled to school with, every morning he would smoke a joint on the way to school my senior year of high school and would always offer it to me everyday. But I was always anti-pot. One day I was in a bad mood so when he offered it to me I gladly took it and it instantly changed  my mood from shitty to happy. I started smoking with him every morning on the way to school after that day. 
    We still hang out at least once a week when I am home and get a good session in. I swear to all things weed, he rolls the best blunts and joints that I have ever smoked. 
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