First person to sell to you thread.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by shotguner243, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Was it a friend
    older brother
    other family
    anyone really

    For me it was a guy I met in summer school (failed math) anyway during the regular year I walked up hey man can you hook me up with a dimebag? he says hell yeah man so the next day I was high :D :bongin:
  2. Guy in PE sold me a nickel bag...

    Ahh high school
  3. Nunyah bidness of 23 not your concern avenue
  4. My older brother.
    He's the one who definitely got me into smoking and taught me everything about it. Him and his best friend
  5. my buddy knew an older kid who traded me an quarter for a set of skateboard trucks
  6. Surprisingly a co-worker had gotten me into smoking. Got a summer job when I was 16 at a summer camp doing maintenance. The other maintenance guy was 18 and he asked me if I smoked and I was like nah, and he pulled out a half ounce of dro and asked if I wanted a hit :D haha I smoked up for free every day that summer. Our supervisor eventually found out but he really didn't care so we toked up at work every day. Best summer job ever.

    Btw all the employee's got free subway every day and we got to swim in the big ass lake... good times... :smoke:
  7. @ sour jello: Shit dude your lucky lol.
  8. I was in ninth grade and when you're that age all you talk about is "kush and purp and white widow" etc etc so me and my friend decided we were going to smoke. I had a buddy in one of my classes who "sold" but he just got it from another guy and pushed it lol I don't even think he made any profit hahaha. Regardless he gave me some "blueberry kush" in like a little case for the lead from lead pencils. Obviously it wasn't what was advertised but to a young gun like me it was soooo potent lol.
  9. One of my best friend's cousin was the first person I bought weed off of on my own. Gained a pretty dece friend from it. :smoke:
  10. a high school skater kid haha
  11. One of my friends who introduced me to it. We knew each other through boy scouts. I bought my first bag at a meeting. Heh. We broke a lot of the rules.
  12. My neighbor sold me really light sacks because I had no idea what I was dealing with. He eventually gave me the boot cuz my stupid middleschool ass didn't know how to not make the spot hot.
  13. A friend of one of my arab friends, had like a half o in 'dime bags' sitting in his glove box lol
  14. Sketchy kid - got ripped off sooooo bad like 0.8 for 30 dollars i was one unhappy fella
  15. I dunno, i just asked a friend to hook it up and he went and got me a sack.
  16. When I was in high school just as I started smoking this kid city kid moved to my little town that I was living in and he'd been blazin of up for some time. He always had like an ounce of a half handy and would supply me and my best buddies at the time. he always had the daaank because he knew not to get it from stupid youngsters. I remember he would sneak into my room like a theif and I would wake up and see him all pink panther status and be like wtf and hed throw a dub at me and then immediately peace out sayin get me back when you can ahhh the wonder years

  17. ahhhh the wonder yearsss:smoke::smoke:
  18. hmmm, i have the money to my friend and he get got us the bud.
  19. mutual connect I ever had.4 gram 8ths all the time..then i moved :[
  20. The first time I was going to smoke I bought some through my old room mate who used to be addicted to a lot of different unmentionables (including the big h). I parked outside this really sketchy house, he went in and came back with some hash. The whole experience was rather awkward, but I'm glad I never had to enter that house. Apparently there were like 8-9 different people there on a lot of fucked up unmentionables.

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