first person to die from smoking weed

Discussion in 'General' started by :::===={XX}, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. I saw it on the news last night.
    Some guy smoked 6 joints and died from marijuana poisoning. I will see if I can find anything about it.
  2. digit made a thread,

    somewhere, lol activ whatever
  3. lol one from the crypt
  4. What the fuck is marijuana poisoning?
  5. Seems maybe the guy was allergic but kept smoking anyway? I've seen someone who knew they were allergic take a couple hits off a joint and then started puking their brains out. I can see how 6 would kill them.
  6. Don't smoke fry kids....
  7. Thats why you gotta smoke dat MEDICAL. I smoked with this girl once who took a few hits off a jay and puked. Since this was in australia I concluded that the weed must've had some pesticides or some artificial shit that didnt agree with her. I bet it was the same kinda thing that happened to this poor fellow. He probably died happy though, he would been blazed as SHIT niqqa
  8. this shit is almost 8 years old
  9. How the hell can someone reach THC toxicity by smoking... it must have been some nuclear grade stuff and he must have smoked it really fast.

    Where's this news article?
  10. Probably so high he forgot to breathe.
  11. I know for a fact I've smoked more than six joints in a sitting once. Hell I'm close on blunts.
  12. doubtful marijuana was solely to blame

    whats the catch? he was also smoking crack? he sprinkled them with coke? drank a massive amount of alcohol? all of the above?
  13. Hmmmm... I want some sort of link to a credible news site before I can believe this.
  14. i think its pretty funny more than 1 person have pointed out this thread is almost 8 fuckin years old and people are asking op for more links still
  15. Ohhh LOL, I didn't notice that this was one hell of a necro post.
  16. oh damn, i thought he meant the article was 8 years old not the thread. haha wow. wtf
  17. same lol!

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