First Pc Grow

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Schmitox, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Hey guys first time posting and growing heh
    Im from brazil, so, first of all, sorry for bad english.
    its first time im growing, its a bag seed and have 45 days,
    For 15 days she was outside, and now a made a pc case for her.
    i had 2 baby but i killed one by overdose off nuts.
    as you can see i had no idea what im doing and used to cut the leaves.
    Now im toppped and trying an LST, these side branches i should top too?
    i tryied some macro so u can check if its a female or a male plant.
    thank you guys

  2. Hey, I will update my pc to an cabinet grow under my tv sreen 1392162928125.jpg 1392162950294.jpg

    I put 3 more seeds on water cup tecnique 1392163150567.jpg

    so, can u help me to see if itd male or female? 1392163247303.jpg

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    Looks good . place a on the light to take the excess heat away. Looks like heat burns

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  4. the temperature in my city is about 113F middle day 86f midnight! Hot place here. I hope the new room resolve this problem.

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