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    Hey guys I'm making a micro pc box because i don't want alot because i enjoy growing plants and am super fascinated by the colors and everything about growing weed.. I have almost no budget so ive used my lava lamp light sockets with 2 GE 26w Cfls and a ecostore 23w that i believe is a blue spectrum because its not white like the ge's and a little blueish.. I put aluminum foil around the casing and have a tempurite 4x4 PC fan on a 12v 500ma adapter as the intake and a 2x2 pc fan fan powered by a 5v cellphone charger as the outtake. My temp with just the two 26's is around 82-86f.. I have all holes blocked by Ducting Tape (Not DuckTape) I'm currently trying to lower the heat and wondering if its enough lights in thier.. I am getting samples from American hydroponics and planning on using them for the grow... Can anyone help with the temps problem?
  2. are you using a passive air intake???
  3. ....hmmmm ...maybe the one fan is causing interference with the other one not allowing them to run efficently.....maybe try using the bigger as an exhaust as it will be pushing the hot air out while pulling fresh air in .....and if that dosent fix the heat issues then add the other fan as an exhaust as well with the other one......and honestly pc grows are not easy for begginners especially with little to no budget cause powering up that case and being able to get temps within reason will most certainly cost some quido'  unless you have a bunch of stuff to salvage from to make it work
  4. Glad the master of micros is here! passive is where u don't have a fan right? And yea i have alot of things to savage.. my intake is pulling air through the front of my PC case.. Basically, the wholes where my dvdrom and Sd card reader went.. It goes down inside the plastic then hits the fan..
  5. The fan is in the inside of the actual box at the bottom.. The air goes through these two holes, i was thinking about drilling 4 1\\4th holes in the plastic right infront of the fan.. Would this help?

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  6. Phill can you help?
  7. are the fans in the back?
  8. as for air exchange goes wic will in return cool your case ..... you need your exhaust   up high as heat rises so to expell or to exhaust  heat from your pc a passive air intake would mean you would need to pull fresh air from the bottom ....possibly a slot  in the front to draw fresh air in and your fan in the back of the case up  top to blow the hot air out
  9. and by the sounds of it  there's still some cleaning of the pc inside.... sounds like it still needs to gutted out properly....probably contributing to obstruction of air-flow
  10. me personally i try to stay away from the pc cases as theere a beeeaaatttccchh''''  to make stealthy  without reaching into your pocket'
  11. Everything is taken out
  12. wrell....maybe some better pics of how it looks and of the fan situation???
  13. Deff will, just too dark atm and might wake the girl up which isnt a good idea lmfao tommorrow i will
  14. sounds good i'll see'em tommorrow   :metal:
  15. Hey Phill, of topic but If i put a earth worm or two in my pot you think it will substitute for worm castings?
  16. My setup.. Still hasn't did the back and front walls with anything.. The middle ones the 23..

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  17. not a good idea imho'
  18. looks kinda' ok
  19. Switched the big fan to output and added a 1.7w .7amp fan on a 9v 1000ma adaptor to the back and made it and the little one the intake going to test it later and I'm getting mylon this week but for know I'm putting foil around the lights all the way down to were the plant will be like a square around the plant... I'm going to make it fully legit soon as i finally get off this fucking work probation... They keep my paycheck for the first month....
  20. cool... i mean not cool as far as the probation tho'...i will try my best to help you out as you need it....just try to update with each new additon or with swapping out of stuff... and try to tidy up the wiring  as there will be electrical hazards posed by wiring be potentially coming in contact with water ... rule of thumb is to always run your wiring above where any water might be  wires on the bottom is risky especially if they have been spliced together :confused_2:

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