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    After beginning with bowls and bubblers (a few bong rips) to now almost always vaporizing exclusively i made my first rolling papers and accessories.
    I got a Raw Roller, some Raw papers, and 10 kinds of juicy jays. 
    Not sure it it was the best purchase but I am excited.

  2. Raw papers are pretty cool, I use zig zags too.
  3. Raws are nice. But I just have a soft spot for Highland HQ skins.
  4. I've never used those, I'll keep an eye out for them! 
  5. They come with a bunch of roaches and the skins come unfolded in a big card packet. I got some recently which were a check pattern and the roaches had random facts and information written on them... Amusing.:D
  6. Haha the facts on the roaches do sound interesting, I'll definitely pick some of those up if I spot any  :smoke:  Peace
  7. If I end up liking rolling I'll have to pick some up. Sounds pretty cool.
  8. I started with king size zags. King sized zag an a rw extra wide tip is a good combo, not the slowest burning, but iv had .7 gram spliffs go 20+ minutes. Easy to roll, a very wide and strong, yet pliant paper. If you get better, go with elements or slim raws though, theyre even slower burning.
  9. The only roach in the world is Quintessential tips
    using something else is like having cheap cola and not the real thing 
  10. Raw rollers and Raw rolling papers are one of the best choices when choosing to roll your own joints.  The organic Raw products are even better because of the 100% hemp.
  11. my first were bugler papers but i prefer zig zag regular.
  12. Raws ethics are suspect though, buying from them is like buying from mc donalds 
    Smoking Blacks  or ocb premium king slim
    the only way to roll
  13. What do you guys think of Skunk Brand papers?? I've had some issues with them not sticking :( they're strawberry flavour, are others ok

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  14. Do yourself a favor and learn how to roll joints with your hands and not a roller. Its truly an art form and once you're good you will enjoy every joint you smoke that much more. RAWs are a great choice but if you're just learning how to roll I would suggest JOB 1.5 papers. They aren't all natural or anything but they're great for beginners.
    Oh god I love McDonalds
  16. shouldve bought each zigzag, and all the zigzag rollers and some  cigarette tips.
    that wouldve been a great buy. my favorite is zigzag ultra thin

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