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  1. Welcome to my first journal! I've luyrked on this site for a while but decided to post my first experience and hopefully get some advice. I'm workiing with some Auto Lemon Skunk from The Attitude, very excited about this strain. Hopefully I have enouhg soil for the root system. I did grow some Kush in college, but had to harvest very early and it suffered from a little nute burning early in its life. It's nice to have a little experience under your belt.

    23" gigantic PC case - $5, acquired locally
    5 PC fans and 12/9 volt AC adapters - already had plenty
    Velcro - 15 foot strip, already had it - $15ish (internet)

    Wal Mart:
    Power strip - $6
    3x 2700k CFLs, 3x6500k CFLs - ~$20
    Bulb outlet adapters - $4
    Lots of white and black duct tape - $10
    Auto windshield reflector (for mylar) - $6
    Carbon filter (plenty) - $10ish

    Hydro store:
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil - $20
    Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Bloom - $28

    Power drill, bits
    Heavy Duty Tin Snips (only if you need to cut the case) - local hardware store $15


    I started by disassembling the computer case. Took apart all the screws and used a 1/16 drill bit and my power drill to remove all of the rivets that held the drive bay area in. This releases a decent amount of metal "sawdust", so it's good to do this in a garage or outside. The case I acquired didn't have a door on it, so I cut through one side of it to create a door. That side will be facing the wall so it won't be noticeable. It was pretty difficult to cut but it worked out quite well.


    Next, I mounted two output fans near the top back of the case and two input fans at the bottom front and back. I layered cutouts of carbon filter on the fans to both reduce smell and light escape. Unfortunately I was only able to allow one output fan to pull air out , all the other fans were pushing air though the filters, which is less efficient. If you put a grill in front of the fan you can put the filter on the correct side. I used screws to put the cans in when possible, when it wasn't possible I created a duct tape "wall" (where the mobo panel was removed) and cut out a fan shape hole and secured it in there.


    Next, I placed four strips of velcro along the back wall and put the other side of the velcro on the back of my power strip. I tested out the power strip with the adapters and lights on it, it holds securely if I work the velcro in. It's a great way to adjust the height of the lights. You can see it in a couple pictures below.

    Then I cut the mylar auto thingy up and glued it to the top and insides of the case and door. To cover the crack at the top of the door, I duct taped a "light trap", which is basically a strip that I can velcro down over the crack. There's another strip that goes over that strip to trap even more (I don't velcro that one). Part of the strip extends and velcros onto the back. Opening the case is pretty easy. I also created duct tape light traps that protect the light from showing on the walls. They're basically similar to those laundry dryer outputs you see on the outside of buildings, but made of duct tape. Oh one important thing is that White duct tape doesn't stop the light that well, you need to use black. I then put white over the black so as to be less obvious if someone happened to notice it. I then sealed up any areas where I could see light escape. Temperatures are generally around 80-85 degrees, a little high I know but it's partly because it's warm right now and I can't do much about it while staying stealthy.

    I took the plastic container and drilled holes in it for draining. I had to cut the protruding sides off to make it fit. I did the same with the top of it and placed it underneath the container to collect drainwater. I filled it with soil, wetted it and allowed it to drain for 20 min, then placed my germed seed in it. I germed with the cup of water method, was very easy.

    Three days later, my little seedling is doing alright! I'm very excited and would appreciate any feedback. I'm thinking about doing a scrog, but I'm not sure if I have to since this is a short plant. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm doing a 20/4 light cycle and haven't watered yet as the soil is still quite moist.

    Here's a couple more pics:

    Can't even tell in the dark! I ripped the cover off of an extra CD drive and put that on the front for extra awesomeness :)

    Updates to come!
  2. Looks pretty good man. You should try and figure out how to get the fans to pull instead of push... with 4 fans you should be able to keep it at room temp.

    Is the fan in the second to last picture just hanging there?
  3. Nice!! The velcro idea is pimp! Do I see a warm light in there with the 2 daylights? I would get rid of the warm light and keep the daylights in there so they dont stretch your lady for veg! Keep it short n bushy. Im also growing lemon skunk in my pc case, but not autoflower, its mostly sativa so I hope it doesnt stretch that much :(
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    OP here, lost my account info.

    Anyways, the lovely lady looks pretty good thus far. To respond to the above posters - I fixed it so that the output fans all pull and so does one of the input fans. The other input fan I can't get to easily so it's staying as is. Yes there is one fan suspended from the top blowing over the lights and on the plant, the stem is quite strong. Temps are a little high at 80-90 so the fan hopefully keeps the temp lower right on the plant. There seems to be no heat stress thus far which is good.

    I love the velcro, it's working great. I did turn off the warm light for now even though she's not stretching at all. I was more worried about heat than anything. I'm planning on going with 3 warms when it begins flowering and I'll put the one warm light on after the 4th set of leaves (and start with 1/4 nutes then as well).

    Right now she seems to be growing a little sideways... maybe to avoid too much heat? Does that mean I should raise the lights a little bit?

    Here's pics from 2 days ago, she's a lot bigger now, 3rd set is coming in:



    Any opinions if I need to LST or Scrog? It's a short autoflowering one and the case is a giant 23 inches. The strain normally grows one main cola (I'm gonna make it two or four by clipping it).

  5. Looking good there! I would definately top it after the 3rd node. I'd probably start LST'ing it too a few days after topping it. Multiple bud sites are always nice!
  6. Nice and stealthy! Congrats.
  7. update: looks kinda advanced for its height to me, almost like it's started flowering already:


  8. looks good, thinking one of mine may grow similiar, 2nd week of vegging and has little 3rd set starting but still maybe 1.5 inch from soil
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    Cool :)

    This is my first time with an autoflower so I'm not sure what to expect.

    Could someone with more experience tell me if I'm right here?

    I THINK that right now I have 3 nodes and the top is currently the 4th node in progress. It already seems to look female to me which is weird, either that or it's been too long since I've done this and I've forgotten what new growth looks like. It's due for a watering tomorrow, I'm thinking 1/4 veg nutes?

    Also, advice on when to top/LST would be great. I've read a ton on these forums but you know... it's my baby I wanna do it right, haha... I'll keep posting updates.

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
  10. Went with 1/4-1/3 nutes today (hard to measure 1/4 teaspoon with my tools)

    Here's an update:


  11. Update:

    So it's def flowering... perhaps it's a runt. Should I be concerned about the yellowing of the lower leaves?

  12. from what ive read the yellowing on the lower leaves indicates some nute burn, try to give a slight flush. i would maybe lay off the nutes for a week or so and wait for the yellowing to disappear. good luck with this one, I just started my first grow so ya i will follow you on this one
  13. Hmmm, damn that thing flowers quick! Although I'm thinking differently. Maybe it needs bloom nutes, it looks like it since its turning yellow starting from the bottom leaves, maybe some more information on your feeding schedule can help us determine whats going on with your lady.

    Nitrogen def maybe?
  14. Leaves on the bottom will turn yellow and die. Theyre not getting light anymore so the plant kills those leaves off.

    Mine was tiny for a while, then it grew 6" in 2 weeks. Keep up the good work dude. The case is sick.
  15. I get the feeling it's nitrogen deficiency/useless leaves, as a couple of you said. I thought about nute burning but I was really patient with the nutes and didn't give it any veg nutes until a week ago. Even then, it was 1/3-1/4 strength. I was paranoid about nute burning cuz that's what I did the first time I grew.

    So 7 days ago I gave those veg nutes, then today I gave it just under full strength bloom nutes. I water once a week or so and have diluted the nutes in it and also have been spraying the leaves for foilar feeding.

    I'll be keeping a close eye on it the next night/day, I'm a little worried I overdid it with the nutes so I'll be ready to flush it if I have to.

    I also decided to LST. It's so short... I hooked it between the top and second last nodes and now all the nodes are easily at the same height. It should be easy to continue doing so even if it grows a bunch more, I have plenty of space. Was that a terrible idea? I was thinking that it's so small, one cola would barely yield anything.
  16. Scratch the LST, I realized it's stupid to do once it's already flowering. I don't want to damage the buds.
  17. ya, dont want to stress it while its flowering, just let it growwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  18. Seems to be moving along quickly, I have some oranging of the hairs already:


    What a freak plant. So tiny and so mature, lol.

  19. update!!!

    Got a little heat stressed last night but it looks like she's doing okay.


  20. keep it up! looks good!

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