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  1. hey peeps this is my first Greenhouse grow
    ive got 2 holands hope (reg)
    2 super silver cheese (fem)
    a blue cheese (fem)
    a pineapple express (fem)
    also tangerine dream (fem)
    and four purple widow (reg)
    heres some pics

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  2. nice potss
  3. cheers mate will they be ok for the summer? or will i have to upgrade them to bigger ones?
  4. id jus plug'm in the ground or get some fabric pots about 2 times the current size of the pots and id leave 1 or 2 alone to see the comparison
  5. dude the soil is not drying out and i dnt want root rot any idea?

  6. It takes a lot to get root rot just relax and let it be.
  7. The next time you grow. put your seedlings or cuttings in a 2-3 in pot and let them root to the sides and bottom of the pot before transplanting into larger containers. The small seedlings do not have a big enough root system to dry the larger pots down and the lower part of the pots stay waterlogged. Water these plants sparingly until they have more foliage.

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    hey guys this is an update to my greenhouse grow i put 5 in the ground which were my 2 Hollands hope and 2 super silver cheese and my midnight kush
    and there are 3 which are my purple widow, which one has alrdy produced pollen which is rli weird seeing as its june lol :( and my mutant one which is now producing leaves :) also i have my pineapple express :) and power skunk which is in an air pot which i have just topped and i just leave it outside.I also have a auto lowryder #2 which is in the big pot and ive got a blue cheese
    i started yesterday using iguana organic juice for veg

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  9. guys i need some advice about nutes im using iguana organic atm with some bat guano but need to knw what else might help and also some advice about flowering nutes i got overdrive hammer head and bud candy and carbo load all from advance nutrients i do need advice guys !
  10. Nice looking set up man, I don't know to much about ferts so I can't answer ur question, but I'll be watching your grow. love the variety and the auto you have! Hope it all yeailds u some powerful smoke!
  11. got four more autos will be uploading some pics tomorrow i got auto AK (Fem)and Blueberry (Fem)and 2 Purple Ryders (reg) Cheers Mate will be Keeping updates!

  12. Allright, even more autos to watch. I have some Russin rocket fuel / snowryders / and easyriders on the way! Can't wait tell I get a chance to plant them.

    How do u get away with so many plants man?! You gonna smell up your whole area when they start to stink.
  13. i knw but some are regs so hopefully some turn out to be male and i just kill them off but yh ur right i will be stinking it up i hope they wont be tht bad :( yh mate get some pics of ur grow when ur start them off :)
  14. kelp/seaweed is good for plants,they make extracts,similar to nutes in botles, i heards nitrozyme workin well
  15. :hello:Hey guys quick update gona show you my nutes i got and my autos :) biggest one is LowRyder :):p

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  16. Nice, looking strong man. Thats how mine looked in the early days. You got a nice amount of ferts. I should take a pic of what I use soon. Cheers
  17. Yh mate im guna do an update soon my lowryder must be first week or two into flowering and my other autos are looking good to as for my other girls well all i can say is tht they are shooting up nicely my purple widow is over 6ft tall now lol my greenhouse looks like a jungle :-D smells abit aswell :) lol
  18. it grew fast didn't it mate. they look really nice
  19. quick update with pics :) Lowryder 4days from being one month old pretty happy with her growth and budding :)
    all others are about 3months old :)

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  20. How's it going man? Hope all ur girls are well :)

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