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  1. Well this year once all the snow is gone and the warm weather comes around I decided I would plant some crops out in the woods. I live in a rural area with some houses around and lots of woods that no body really goes in. My plan is to plant about 4 plants in each area. Each area will be about half a mile apart so they wont all be found and the chances of them surviving will be greater. My first question is about soil, all the soil around here is kind of shitty, and the places im looking to plant are all covered in weeds. So could I just rip all the weeds out and transplant them to that area or will I need to find an area that isnt covered in weeds. Also im worried about helicopters spotting them. The area im looking at is a little opening in a thick woods of small pine and sapling trees. My plan is to fold the trees over on top to make a canopy to kind of hide them. the other places are kind of open but are also in saplings where no body would ever go. Another thing I was thinking about is what if one day I go out and someone is waiting at the spot for me to come by? Could they proove that it was my crop and that I am the one who put it there? Yeah I know im a noob at growing but im excited to try it!
  2. It is easier to find a spot you want to grow and amend the soil. Folding over saplings can work, but keep in mind how it may look from the air. An area with a large amount of folded over saplings might draw attention. Try to have them blend in with the natural vegetation. Plant next to trees, inside blackberry bushes, and other areas that are natural.
  3. Yeah you are right. But my plan is to just grow 3 or 4 plants in an area of saplings that have many leaves and disguise things very well. Then move on to the next area about a quarter mile away and plant 4 more. Im not looking to grow big time, just enough to myself and friends. And in saplings no one will find them, because they are so thick and it would be near impossible to spot them unless you were 10' away. Another thing I was thinking of would be to grow them in a pine tree, you couldnt see them from above, only from an elevate point horizontal to the area, and they would get great sunlight. But I think im sticking to the ground for now. Also my last question is, can i start them indoors and move them to there permenant place? I want to start them in the early spring hidden well indoors then move them outdoors once they get some what big. I can not grow them indoors because they will get too big and smell badly. Basically how long can I grow the indoors before I move them out? And wouldnt it cause some sort of shock?
  4. Thank you! :wave: I think I will start in late march. you never know here in pa, one day its -10 and the next its 50 degrees F! Now its just planting them. So is it alright to start them in solo cups then transplant them to outdoors? I know you can start them in cups, but how big can you let them get before its too late? :smoking:
  5. 1 month in the cup is good. I use little pots so it's approx. The plant will just be root bound. It won't die right away. And then put them in 3 gallon pots until they flower, kill the males, and then put only females in the ground (holes you worked hard to dig and amend with manures, meals). Or cup to ground if you have all feminized seeds.
  6. Ah good deal. Could I just leave them in the large pots while flowering or is it necessary for them to be put into the ground?
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    yeah, they won't be shocked or anything, don't worry. Just get a hybrid with early indica finsihing times but a rather loose sativa bud structue esp. if it rains a lot in the Fall where you are(fem. Ghs White widow, can be tall though), sensi northern lights, maggus early biddy, nirvana early misty etc... Look at Seeboutique or Dr Chronic's. Transplant in evening or night (no light on the roots + plant less active at night -leaves droop at night when they sleep). Or use all fems and put them in the ground. If you use the 3 gallon pots, put water plugs and mulch on your pots so they get adequate water. Or use pots with water reserves.
  8. one thing i know is to not plant near pine trees because the nedles screw with the ph of the soil
  9. yeah but if you take all the dirt out and use your own, it's just fine. Add ashes, lime if necessary.

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