First Outdoor Grow....What Medium to Use?

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  1. Sup everybody!

    So I have about two full harvests worth of experience growing indoors, with coco feed-to-drain setup under MH and HPS lighting.

    On this last grow, however, I only planted three indoors in the grow tent, and saved my fourth (max legal) plant for outdoors. She's only about 3 weeks old now, from first moisture.

    She's currently in a 60/40 coco/perlite medium, but after a couple rather bland harvests (the bud is gorgeous, but still tastes stale) out of coco, I think I'm going to transplant this girl into some good soil instead, and try my luck outdoors for a change.

    Now, assuming I want this to be the best tasting weed possible, what am I looking at for a good soil mixture? I'm willing to get some decent black earth, mixing with organic fertilizers etc. I also have a 10-gallon fabric pot ready to go, so space shouldn't be an issue. I already have all the equipment, testers, acids necessary for mixing water and nutes. I'm also a full-time welder living with his parents, so price really isn't an issue either.

    I've tried reading a couple of the pinned grow guides, but they seem to spend the majority of the post discussing how to hide the grow. It's completely legal here in Canada, so I'm just wondering about a great organic soil solution. I hear worm casings are great, but the local supermarket has big ol' bags of cow and sheep manure. All that fun stuff.

    Any suggestions? What kind of soil do I buy for the 10 gallon pot, and what ratios of organics do I mix into it before transplant? What kind of feed schedule am I looking at afterward, for veg then for flower? I doubt watering daily to 20% runoff (as I've been doing with my indoor coco setup) will fly.
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  2. Coot's mix. You'll never go back.
  3. Ive just mixed up my next batch. Grade A smoke everytime, strong flavours and smells.

    To make 10CuF of soil:

    70l coco
    70l perlite
    70l vermicompost
    40l farm manure
    30l peat


    20 cups volcanic rock dust
    5 cups fish, blood, bone
    5 cups neem
    5 cups kelp
    5 cups crab meal
    5 cups gypsum
    5 cups alfalfa hay
    3 cups bat guano
    2 cups epsom salts

    Give bacteria dominant teas until flowering then the last 5 weeks of flowering move over to fungal dominant teas. Top dress/mulch with alfalfa/comfrey/nettles/composted barks/biohar.
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  4. Right on. I do 1/3 peat, 1/3 manure and worm castings, and 1/3 aeration. Works great too
  5. I'm working toward using 0 peat. But peat is sp much cheaper than coco coir and it works. I just find peat and perlite compact after a couple of grows so they aint great for No Till, but fine for supersoil if breaking it up and recharging after each run.
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  6. Cool. I like lava rock and rice hulls better than perlite.
  7. With you on the lava rock, but again quite expensive round here. I use it in a DIY shower filter for my pond. Surface area huge, can see why its becoming to popular in weed growing. I need to get out of using perlite, its an old time habit and im making another 40CuF of soil for my winter run and I plan on ditching the perlite and peat totally. A trial run. Ive got over a dozen strains on the go at the moment, picking 1-2 or maybe 3 to do over winter.
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  8. Right on. They say the rice hulls break down into silica among other things. Hard to find organic silica. I would hear coot out on the coco issue. The three part interview on tad hussey's cannabis cultivation and science podcast is gold.
  9. I will check it out WO - thanks.
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  10. You are welcome. Just my 2cents.

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