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  1. my girl was planted in the begining of june, shes about 3 feettall and she showed sex 2 weeks ago. my question is why are some leaves turning yellow? i give her water everyday and i only gave her nutes twice since the 2 weeks. shes in ocean forest and some scotts soil. Is it bad to pluck leaves? sorry for the shitty pics. the first one is good though

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  2. its not bad to pluck the leaves but there better off there untill they fall off themselfs. its just a plants buffer system and the yellowing of the inside of the plant is fine

    your plants look very healthy and no need to stop what ur doing

    Good Luck!
  3. thanks for takin a look my dude. i will let them fall off naturally +rep
  4. and if they leaves are just getting too ugly and they fall off just from the slightest touch thats fine also. just as long as it doesnt take alot of force to take them off,,,it could do damage

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