First outdoor grow. please give me advice

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  1. this is my first outdoor grow i think i am doing pretty good for my first grow. there not huge or anything. unknown strain got the seeds from some pretty dank kind bud. i am pretty sure one is a female, not sure bout the other one yet. the one that looks bushier is the one that got topped in the perfect spot by a rabbit or some animal haha and also took 2 leaves with it.the weird thing is that the plant started to grow branches all the way down the plant. i super cropped it also and it responded quite well to it. the reason there soo small is cause when they were first planted they didnt get alot of sun and when they were mature enough i didnt fertilize simply because i didnt have any yet. plus they almost died from either a nitrodgen deficiency or from spraying with soap and water too keep bugs off. thats y the lower leaves are simply not there.

    please give me some advice thank you.

    by the way what do you guys think i am going too yeild from these 2 if there both females. and whats a good flowering fertilizer. preferably organic.can you guys tell me if its a female i got some good pics below. i think there is a white pistil coming out.

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  2. It will most likely be a female if it has little pistil hairs which I see.

  3. sweeet thankyou. i will know about the other one prob by tomorrow
  4. I dont see any pistils yet. they should be coming real soon, i just dont want to get ur hopes up, id agree theres a good chance they are looking female but not 100 percent sure tho, seems a little too young still.

  5. look at the last 2 pics there is a pistil comin out.
  6. some new pics. found out both are female and they got pretty big. i think im doin good for my first grow. tell me what you guys think. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    how much do you guys think i am going too yield im hoping at least 2 zips
    they survived the hurricane too. i couldn't believe it :eek:

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  7. they look nice, time to flower?
  8. thank you. how much do u think i am going to yeild from these. and do u know whats up with that purple bud?? i think it might be from the cold but only a couple are like this. yea they are in flowering a little over 2 weeks.
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    Sup !
    Ya you could possibly get 2-4 z. Have you taken the suckers off of her yet ? What are you feeding her? The purple could just be the strain, cold, stress. Don`t worry.

  10. no way. sweet. what do you mean by "suckers" :confused:. im feeding her some shitty lawn fertilizer casue thats all i can get for now. i dont really care casue its my first grow but next year im gonna do it right. but its doin fine with it no nute burn or anything. its 15-15-15. but im feeding her in very low dose.
  11. use ash around plants to keep bugs away , also beer is pretty good defence against snails . also two sided duck tape around the bottom of plants is good protection .
    use nettles soaked in h2o for few days and gently spray it on the leafs for bug defence as well .
    Nice looking plants bro , keep up the good work
  12. Kobajagi, I like your forum nick, why didn't you use Y instead of J? :)

  13. Suckers are the lil buds that are on the main stem and lil ones 4 fingers wide from the main stem on each branch. AKA; lolipop`n
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    oh i see. thanks. so i should take those off haha. im confused. and im not using lawn fertilizer i did for veg but now im using all purpose gardening.

  15. im not really having any problems with bugs a lil here and there but nothing major surprisingly. thanks for the help though i will prob use it next year. thanks yea i couldn't believe it when they were both female..
  16. :echo:echo:echo: :poke: :confused: any advice would be greatly appreciated :D
  17. you suck at life those are the worst plants i have ever seen fuck u........

  18. Way too be a dick. Lmfao smd :D . btw there are far worse plants on here then mine.

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