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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by zongRippa, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hello all, Thanks for stoppin by, im going to do my best to cut to the chase without boring anyone.

    So I have some questions that i need guidance with, and just some overall pointers and other peoples thoughts to help aid me in this grow.

    I grow indoor so im no noob to the plant, just never done it outdoor yet.

    Here are my questions:

    1) What are the best soil mixes for big yield.
    Currently was thinkin vermiculite, perlite, bone / blood meal, and i dont kno if
    thats good enough or not actually?

    2) Could i use any of these products to add to use with water and feed my plants outdoors during the grow season?
    ( Adv nutrients; Iguana Grow/Bloom, F1/H1, Pirannah, Voodoo Juice, Sensizyme, Carboload.
    Other nutes; Eco Vie organic plant food, King neptunes Liquid seaweed.)
    These just being some products i used indoors.

    3)What types of pestacides are good for the plants to spray on.
    I heard hot red pepper wax was good, they make a deer/ animal pestacide / bug.

    4) When should i stop growing them indoors and put them outside, the 3rd set of leafs are just developed now working on the 4th. probly being 5 - 7 inches.

    5) Ive heard bagseed doesent yeild good. just wondering if i could get some input.

    6) Would the lint you get out of dryers work god to repel animals around your grow site?

    7) Slugs: Beer technique, or copper wire around base of your plant technique?
    Also, praying mantises bad for your crop?

    Thats it, i appreciate anyone who read this and is willing to help.

    I will be starting a grow journal so i will keep you all posted.

  2. Bump, running to the store to grab some supplies rite now, ill check back sometime real soon. Thanks gc
  3. Well I Still have Mine Indoors. Keep Em Inside as long as possible before you put em out. the bigger they are the more chance you have for the to adapt and condition themsleves to the outdoors. i have mine still inside and they were born on april 7th. im waiting till around may 24 weekend to place em outside. mine are already a foot tall and on there like 7th set of leaves. But wait till there is 10000000% no more frost and it will not go below 7 degrees celsius or like 45 farenheit. make sure your ground (if not in pots) is dug up well days before you plant... no roots or constricting or chocking out plants are around and it gets maximum sunlight during the day with little to no visability to traffic (people, heli's, cars, roads, paths etc) need more help just ask man

    Kudos :)
  4. Bump, still need some questions answerd tho.

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