First Outdoor Grow - Northern Light!

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  1. Alright here it goes. Hey guys. This is going to be my first grow as well as my first grow journal. It will be somewhat of a guerilla grow, because it is pretty far from where I live but I can get there on foot. I will be growing Northern Light seeds (non-fem) which I ordered from Nirvana. I germinated them 3 days ago, and planted all 5 in cups today. I filled all the cups with worm casting from the woods. Is this a good starting medium and all around growing medium? I also have some other questions and would love if someone could answer some or all of them. :D

    How long does it take for them to first sprout?
    What should the dimensions of the hole?
    What nutrients, if any, should I be using?
    What will be the average yield of 1 plant?
    Is it possible to air cure outside?

    Once they sprout i will be taking alot of pics. Thanks guys!!! :smoke:
  2. Can someone respond to this, please??? Thanks guys

  3. I'm not very experienced and I'm still in the first grow (if I'm wrong please correct me)

    1- mine sprouted in 3 days but be patient because some people say it can be more than 1 week... but in less than 5 days you should be done

    2- my holes were 2ftx2ftx2ft but you can do them bigger or smaller (this will conditionate the yield)

    3- at this time I think you should let the plant feed of the soil (only start giving some fertilizer after the first month)

    good info on this

    4- there are too many variables for me to give an exact answer but you shouldn't expect much because It's your first grow.
    you can read other people experiences with that strain to have an idea

    i found you 3 grow journals featuring that strain: this one, this one and this one

    5- have been reading about curing for a while and i think that's not possible, the process needs to have place in a contained space.. what you can is DRYING outside..

    i recommend you to read this guide

    best luck, kombi

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