First outdoor grow...need some answers!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by madison8, May 24, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone :)

    Very excited to be here today to ask you all a few questions - my best friend and I are starting a small grow op at her families farm in a remote part of PA. We've realized this is perfect because the closest people to her house live about 5 miles away, her entire property is fenced off with no trespassing signs, etc, and people are rarely at her house - but we would be growing pretty far into the woods surrounding the house. We're planning on going scouting for a good, sunny spot soon.

    She doesn't live there, but she lives only 35 mins away and will be there 3-4 times a week, to water the plants and such)

    So, a few questions.

    We're not trying to have a HUGE grow operation - I'm not talking 100 plants or anything. We would probably buy maximum 20 seeds online.

    NOW- Advice.
    To buy feminised seeds, or not? Are they worth the money?
    What kind of strains should we grow?
    What strains do the best when left mostly on their own? (I know it depends on what ind of weed you want, but I'm looking for opinions/suggestions)
    Do you think we'll have enough time to grow these? (Assuming we plant within the next three weeks, and have until August to harvest)
    What websites would you guys recommend we buy our seeds from? (We've been looking at UK websites)

    (We don't want huge, 7-foot plants, something on the smaller side would be perfect)
  2. Try attitude seed bank, yea fems are worth it. look for strains that are mold and disease resistant, etc. Also look for wut ur in2, such as indica vs sativa, or a couch lock high or an uplifting high, or a big yielder, or... u get the picture. their website is pretty detailed. Good luck with everything.

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