first outdoor grow in FL

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    hey gc ive started my first outdoor grow in FL. its just some bagseed of some mids but id rather learn now and buy some seeds once i learn more well anyways heres a pic and ill be keeping you updated on how the grow is doing

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  2. I got some plants that were born on the 24th
    im also doing a basic bagseed grow
    but I got 4 seedlings
    and im in washingtonDC
  3. how they doin
  4. Yeah updates please!
  5. what you so worried about leap, patience only a few more weeks then it's on!
  6. How long after they sprouted did you put them outside?

    I also live in fl and just started an my first outdoor grow too.
    I just dont have time to keep an updated grow journal.
  7. Rabbits got me this year

    dirty fuckers

    I'll bounce back for a late harvest though
  8. im also in florida on my 1st grow.also with some bagseed from seeds havent sprouted yet and have been planted for 2 and a half days.i kept the area pretty long did it take for yours to sprout?.i dont know if my soil is good though.there are some other plants growing in it so it should be healthy right?

  9. i would give them at least a week, if they are outside, you guys in fl had just a little lower than avarge temps this month, so germination will be slow due to the cooler temps.
  10. yea we over here thinkin i messed up by plantin so early in the season.thanks for the info ginger
  11. i am having the same issues right now, so i know exactly whats goin on for you
  12. i guess it will work out since fl dont get too too cold.

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