first outdoor grow. Flowering already?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Drew alexander, May 5, 2016.

  1. Ok so long story short I started 4 jack herer. Put them outside. Starting to see buds everywhere on this thing. Do I let it bud out and just finish it or do I try to bring them back in to veg more?
    I wouldn't be that disappointed if I could get even a small yield since it is my first outdoor grow.
    And I have 10 more jack herer beans germinating as we speak.
    Any advice appreciated
    Pics later
  2. Drew
    Set out to soon.. They'll start to reveg about mid June so it's likely they won't have time to build much bud..
    Clones or seedling more then 30 days old can't go out until June 1st and they do best time matched brought up under 16-8 lighting.. Seeds can be direct planted outside on May 1st as the young plants are not light aware for about a month..
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  3. Arghhh! That is what I feared. I was prepared tho. I have 10 more nice jack herer beans I'm gonna veg out and then plant in June. Thanks for your input bro
    Happy growing!

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