First outdoor grow, first issue

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  1. Hi Everyone, Hope your all having a great weekend!

    Got my 1st outdoor grow going, i'm using ProMix all purpose for the soil, 3 gallon pot, and full sun all day. the strain is dwarf low flyer from cropking.

    things have been going pretty smooth for the most part. last week the lower leaves starting turning a bit yellow, so I figured I would give her a feeding, used 2.5ml each of the floraseries and CalMag for 1 gallon of water. fed her twice since then. Just wondering what everyone thinks? and if there is anything else I should maybe consider for her? I think next time I water I should just go with clean water to flush any salts for 2 or 3 that correct? shes been flowering for maybe a month now.

    Like I mention this is the first outdoor grow and my first grow in soil aswell actually, i've never tried anything but Hydro. so all of this is totally new to me.

    20190720_171024.jpg 20190720_171027.jpg

    any tips welcome!

    and if I left anything out regarding the plant or its care let me know

    thanks in advance for any helpful answers or insight!
  2. Do the pots have holes for the roots or it’s 3gal period? How tall are they? I’m a fan of less than more on ferts and water so you’ll have to hope for a more experienced member.
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    yeah 10-4 the pots have holes, they 3 gal plant pots.

    the plants are a little less than 24", and because of the genetics they wont get any bigger than this. they are all about the same size and all pretty well full grown in terms of verticle growth.

    yeah I cut the nutrient feeding in half according to the feed chart. definetly didnt want to give her to much,

    thanks for the reply @dobro49

    anyone else have any idea what might be going on?

    thanks guys!
  4. This is an auto-flower plant?
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  5. that is correct, Fem Auto flower.
  6. You can remove those two/three yellow leaves and allow some ventilation.
    I, unfortunately, AM a fan of fertilizer. I use the manufacturer's schedule.
    In the case of Fox Farm, I give scheduled amounts about every four days.
    I looked at your plant and thought it looked very nice... but a mite hungry.
    Someone smart will come along....
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  7. right on, thanks alot brother!

    I'll give it a couple days/clean waterings and try a full strength or maybe 3/4 feeding.

    thanks again!

    any other input or criticism welcome!
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  8. As far as how feeding goes most people just use a feed/water schedule meaning feed once then water once then feed then water etc. Eventually you will want to flush but really not necessary if you haven't put a large amount of nutes in. You are already pretty far into flower so just keep pumping flower nutes until close to the end then flush (after hairs turn orange and at least some trichomes are amber colored). If you see edges burning or centers yellowing then flush with heavier water (add clearex or something similar for faster results). They don't look like huge plants so I wouldn't go too heavy on nutes but so far they look pretty healthy. As mentioned removing yellow leaves and even a couple up top bigger ones can help with airation but also gets light to lower nugs.
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  9. awesome, thanks for the response @DMFree !!

    and 10-4 on feed, water, feed, water, I will impliment that on the next soil/outdoor grow.

    I just trimmed the yellow leaves. I wasnt sure if I should do any trimming because its an auto, I guess removing the dying leaves makes sense though.

    thanks again for the help!
  10. If the leaves start going all yellow pretty fast from bottom up, it may be nitrogen deficiency. Yes it can happen even when fertilizing properly, it may be caused by too much other nutes or wrong pH. I had that happening a couple weeks ago to two of my plants when I added some more bat guano bit earlier than usual. Some leaves whent totally yellow overnight.

    I flushed the plants, checked the pH of runoff water and tap water and corrected the pH. They were much better the next day.

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