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  1. Ok this is my 1st grow iv done plenty of reading on all your macro and micro nutes and quite alot of other things on growing mj. i have a few pics from the begenning got a lil late start. planted in the middle of june im in Nor Cail i got AfGoo , Maui Wowie Blue Dynomite, Bubba Kush, and a Type called Orange Julius and saposally a OG Kush but im not quite sure. like i said not meny pics yet but heres what i have and most of these pics were about a month after planting all were clones except the Orange Julius i got ten of them that i was told were started from seed so any kind of feed back is greatly appreciated thank u to all that reply.

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  2. Those are beautiful plants! The only problem I see with them, is that they are all sideways! Ha ha ,I amuse myself, sorry. This is my first year and I should have done more research before I started like you did. Congratulations.Looks like the reading is paying off!
  3. Dude those are some nice bushes you got there
  4. which one is the bubba? i wanna see what mine are going to look like... they are indoor tho in a tent.
    check my signature down below and let me know what u think =)
    yours look great tho man! cant wait to see the yield off those babys!
  5. the last two on the top r my bubba's and the 1st one on the bottom thank you all of you for ur comments im trying to get more pics on here hopefully ill have summ new ones on here today cuz all my babies have started preflowering and sum of them u can start to see THC forming on sum of the inner fan leaves sooo awsome.
    its_420 i love that lil pre 98 bubba u get that clone around sacromento? and good job on the clones they looked great cant wait to see how they finish for you but thanks again to all that replyed and anyone els that has any tips or what have u feel free im always looking for sumthing new to try wit MJ
  6. beautiful bushes!
  7. all those plants are beautiful man! you're doing an awesome job for it being your first outdoor grow! pretty inspiring my dude, good looks!!
  8. well thank you both.

    SmokeMB nice plants as well very beautifull iv been wanting to try sum autos jst havent gotten the nerve yet hopefully ill have a few next year
  9. sexy bush..
  10. nice lookin plants.
  11. thanks Bro im trying to get more pics on here jst dnt have a camera cuz there way bigger now lol
  12. good shit u got some dank.. the goo looks legit..

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