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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by mimezine, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. 8 x Wonderwoman

    Wonder Woman is a super skunky lady, who dares you to stay high for a very long time. With her long tall buds she seduces you to stay in a nirvana state for hours. Wonder Woman has sweet aroma and is a fast grower with great yield.

    8 x Ice (Nirvana Strain)

    indica/sativa. This cross of Afghan x Skunk #1 x Northern Light, yields very sticky buds with the density of Afghan, smells as sweet as Skunk and smokes like the Northern Light. Strong crystalized white buds.
    Flowering time 8 weeks.

    Ordinary Soil with N and P fertilizer and weekly a little bit of (biological) growth enzyme.

    aprox. 10 hours of direct sunlight from the south

    5 week of growing and lot's of good karma!

    What you think of my first grow experiment???

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  2. 5th week of growing (june 19th 2003)

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  3. Those look very nice, keep up the good work.

  4. just normal garden soil, from the gardening center, bu I've mixed it with N and P fertilizer and once a week I use water with a special biological growth enzyme, for a healthy root system and extensive growth, when it starts to flower I have special flowering booster, for healthy buds.

    The whole setup , with pots, seeds, soil, fertilizer, has cost me about 150 $, now I'm growing 16 plants, off course I don't know how many females, but I expect (hope) for at least 8 !
  5. To be continued....

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  6. To be continued....

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  7. wow looks alot greener and bright now, awesome!..doin great
  8. 2 Fast 2 Furious; to be continued....

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  9. Gonna give them two more weeks of growth before I will make efforts to let them go into flowering. THe weather is ideal at the moment, lots of sun. I see the plants grow every day and they look so healthy! So far so good, hope it stays this way. To be continued.....

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  10. It;s realy nothing special, just good dayligh and as much sun a possible, onece a week (in the weekends ,to make it easy)
    I watered them with bilogical fertilzer for green plants from the local garden shop and I add a special drop of growth enzyme, for helathier ground lieve andd absorbing of nutritines, I'm gonna let them grow for anoterh week noe and then try to force them to flower by changing the day/night schedule.
  11. Getting ready for another week of growth, lot's of rain last week and little sunshine, hope it will get better when they will start to flower, want to harvest and the middle of september.

    To be continued....

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  12. damn i wish i could set plants out on my room legally like that. those look nice as hell. are those ice seeds the one that looks like pure white bud. i saw a pic of "ice" weed on some site but havent found the same site since.
  13. Full Frontal, itsn't she hot?!

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  14. doing EXCELLENT!
    keep up the good work.
  15. wooooww im drooling. i really wanna try and grow. keep posting pics please
  16. Full Frontal, getting ready this week for changing night/day schedule

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  17. Very nice looking girls you have there. Do you plan on transplanting before you flower? Hard to judge by the photos but the pot looks a little small for a plant that size.

    How long would you have to wait for them to flower naturally there?

  18. should I , I realy d not have the space ant time and money to transplant them again, will it be a big problem, I'm feenig and watering them regurarly???

  19. Not sure how big a problem it could be, maybe none.You may get less yield though. I've flowered clones and 1ft. tall seedlings in pots of a similar size with no noticable problems, but your plants look to be well over a ft. tall. I usually use 3.5 -5 gallon pots for my outdoor potted plants, and at harvest they are usually rootbound. I'm not by any means criticizing your grow, in fact your plants look quite happy and healthy. If space,time and money allow, I would maybe put one in a larger pot and compare it's growth/yield to the others. The best way to learn IMO is through trial and error.

    Happy growing!

  20. thanks for the info, but if I let them bem what is the risk from lesser yield, can they die? What is Rootnound exactly???

    Thanks for the help!

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