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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr Blahbala, May 14, 2011.

  1. So this is my first time growing, here is what I've done so far so you can get the picture.

    I germinated 5 feminized auto flowering seeds with the paper towel method and that was a success.

    Next I moved them into solo cups and used Miracle Grow Organic Mix. I heard to use Fox Farm, but the store didn't have it so i decided to buy what i thought would be best on the spot. I found a hydro store that sells the fox farm and i plan to use it when i move the plants into their 2 gal pots (is this a bad idea???).

    So i put the soil in the solo cups and added water to the soil before dropping the seedlings in. Once the seedlings were in, i put the cups in a shed. I put the cups next to a window that gets a good amount of light. the shed is about 80-90 F and it is also humid. I left the plants in there for 2 days and by this time there about 2 or 3 inches tall and they have started growing leaves.

    After 2 days, I moved the plants outside onto the ledge of a tree-house. they get a good amount of sunlight but at the same time not too much because its fairly shady. The plants have been up in the tree for about a day now and they seem to be doing fine. as for watering, i have not been over watering them. i have waited till the soil gets somewhat dry and then i add more.

    So now I'm at a point where...
    1. I'm not 100% sure when its best to move the plants to the 2 gal pots.
    2. Is it ok for me to leave the plants outside like i am when they are so tiny?
    3. Should i be using any supplements, vitamins, or formulas?
    From what I was told by someone, and I can be totally wrong, i was told to get a Vegetative Formula to make the plant grow faster and to make it bigger, and to get a budding formula for when the plant starts flowering.

    If anyone can make any suggestions of what i should be using and how i should use it, I would be very thankful. Also if I've made any mistakes or if you have any tips or suggestions, please share.
  2. 1. move them in there when you feel they are healthy/strong enough to take it.
    2. like #1 if you feel they are big/strong enough (wrap the containers with chicken wire.)
    3. Like everyone else, i use Fox Farms, if i were you i would only buy "Big Bloom" and/or "Tiger Bloom" (both flowering Nutrients)

    and also, i use MG Organic Mix, i hope you treated it for the Gnasty Gnats :p THEY ARE A BITCH. i sprinkled ground cinnamon on the top and they disappeared. Gnats can kill your young seedlings!

    Autos really only go through flowering i think, vegging is only if your using a normal seed.
  3. I though autos just skip the need to switch your light cycles and they go straight into flowering. plus they grow much faster.

    so is it correct to say that in the time that the plants are growing, wouldn't they need to get as strong as they can before they start flowering? and wouldnt that mean they need a vegetative formula?
  4. Well they grow for like the first two weeks, then go right into flowering... so you really only need flowering nutes
  5. can i make a sugestion?????

    if you can find a naturel fertilizer that is high in potassium it will grow biger and faster.

    and when your plant as about 4 to 5 inchs high you can transfer them to a biger pot

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