First outdoor grow. 4 Plants. Large. Starting to have issues, would love a couple opinions.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by NewGrower41, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Hey all,

    Long time lurker here. Medical user. First post is a question, I know my ettiquette is terrible but now that I have an acct Ill be chillin here more.

    4 strains (canada eh) Barneys Blue Gelato 41, Dinafems Gorilla Glue, Greenhouses Francos lemon cheese, and a Seedsman AK57.. all 6ft but the sativas close to 10ft..

    I have them outside in (small for the plants size) root pots (homemade 16in wide 20in tall).

    Soil, started organic with Gaia Green + amendments (ewc, dolimite lime, kelp, blood meal, great white fungi., lots of perlite, promix hp as base, and gaia 444 and bloom)

    Started to see lower leaves yellowing and assumed N, top dressed with the Gaia 4-4-4, as i had been per label. No results started getting worried and added some liquid ferts, 'organic' dutch nutes. 1/4 strength, nothing, 1/2 strenth nothing, full strength got some greening up.

    But the problem is continuing and I see slight tip burn and most new growth looks good. So I am losing confidence in my deficiencies theory.

    Pot is so small compared to size when it was hot (80s +) I was watering 2gallons per pot every other day.

    I am thinking now I overwatered, but top 2in was always dry. I waited 5 days and watered plain well water yesterday.

    Losing my mind here guys.

    Pics - BlueGelato x2 then full shot of Francos, Glue, and AK. Buds are BGelatos

    Thanks for the advice, friends. 20190819_195450.jpg 20190819_195501.jpg 20190819_195533.jpg 20190819_195657.jpg 20190819_195631.jpg 20190819_195753.jpg

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  2. More LITFA.
    Leave it the fuck alone.
    It'll do it's thing no matter how much you keep fucking with it. It's normal for the plants to start shedding old fans as it gets deeper in flower . Pluck them off as they yellow.
    Start wrapping them for support as the first wet night with heavy buds and they'll fall over and screw the crop.
    If your not spraying for Powdery mildew and caterpillars every week you need to.
    Green Cure for the PM
    BT for the caterpillars.

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  3. Looks good! Nothing to worry about. Just pull em off as they yellow. I use em for mulch. I wouldn't give em more N. Affects the flavor...
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  4. Thanks for the input guys, I shall leave them be.

    I will stake though!

    Re mildew and caterpillars, have not seen mildew unless im missing something and i didnt want to spray for caterpillars/aphids etc even though there are some the beneficials are going to town on them - ladybugs etc.

    I grow chilies and usually wait for a good droop to water bc it ups the capsaicin production but I was on the fence about this with cannabis because I didnt want to stress them..

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  5. The fourth and fifth pictures look like something wrong maybe...

    I tend to water mine when they droop too, with good results. Hadn't heard that about capsaicin production. Neat!
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  6. Yeah heat and stress lower yeilds but make for very hot peppers.

    Yeah Im a bit worried about pic 4 and 5 too - yellowing is getting high.

    Im worried I overwatered enough to have a rot issue... hopefully holding back will help.

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  7. Man I hope my plants end up looking as good as yours. Looks like a very nice first grow.

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  8. My plants currently look the same. Just not as tall. Good work!
  9. I'm a newb, but that sure looks like a whole lot of plant for the container. What size container is that? I'm just asking because I want to get an idea for my container for my first grow next year.
  10. Thanks for compliments guys! And the containers size was mentioned is OP - 16in wide 20in tall.

    I agree waaaaaaay too small.

    Next year i might build 4x4 raised beds or do 36x36x24 root pots.

    These pots are working ok, just managing water and nutes has become tough now that they are huge... tbh I was expecting 4 footers given my newbness...

    The sativa is going to flower long past frost... trying to come up with a plan for that. Lol..

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  11. Sorry about that, I'll pay more attention to posts before asking questions. :)
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  12. Great thread OP, I’m enjoying the read along.
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  13. Thanks! Well I guess I should share some more pics. First flowers 1 Gelato trucking along for a couple weeks now 2 Glue just starting 3 Ak is starting 4 FLCheese is showing it wants to bud up

    Pic 5 - this is kinda neat. Dinafems GG4. I didnt top or fuck with any of the 4 plants but it sure topped itself! 36" Shrub is not what I was expecting. No clones, too worried about bugs inside.. neat tho eh? It was solid leaf un there until last week when I defoliated the inside of the globe.

    Pic 6 - woot, sexy time. Ive got some aphids. Some leaf hoppers. A ton of leaf hoppers actually. Spiders. Ladys. Ive seen a Caterpillar or 3. Ive just been letting nature do her thing as far as the ecosystem is concerned.. my bet is if I start killing shit Ill screw up somehow. Luckily no slugs. I dont think they like the root pot material. 20190822_081308.jpg 20190822_081329.jpg 20190822_081443.jpg 20190822_081650.jpg 20190819_195717.jpg 20190811_175100.jpg

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