first outdoor can i have help??

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  1. hi all

    i have 4 clones aout 1 foot tall ready to go out,, im gonna put them into a feild some where up the back roads because i cant risk having them in the garden,i havent found the spot yet but i will because im in a rural enough place

    what do i need to do to the ground to perpare it??

    can i just pop them in the ground and leave them to grow on there own??

    what about feeding and water??

    thanks guys

  2. Why can you not search?
  3. Lol...your going to stick them from indoors strait into full sun...and then have to watch your 1 footers wilt, shrivel up and die.

    I'm sorry to be so rude, but even when I FIRST started growing, or even asking questions I at least did some god damn research so I would be decently informed while asking my questions.

    This is like asking..."Hey can you tell me how to grow my plants from start to finish?"

    No...I can't...because thousands of other people have written books and blogs and threads ALL about it!
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    thanks for ur kindness lads,,,i was not in anyway asking how to grow a plant from start to finish,i know how to do that already i mean a simple answer to my question could have been written in the same time it took u both to reply in ur posts,,its people like u 2 thats got the whole world in such a state,,,if some newbie came onto the indoor thread and asked a basic question i would answer with no hesitation, it costs nothing to be nice and it costs nothing to reply to questions in this forum,,it is here to help people afterall,,a lot of people have left grass city and said things about the young duchbags (not my word) who post here,,i had never experianced it until today

    i hope ur balls drop off and u both die

    ive been growing indoors for 2 years now and have done a shit load of reading but i dont think a lot of it transferes to outdoors,,,these clones are filling up my small grow box and i wanna get them out there quick because i have a shit load of clones coming up behind them ,,,

    i was simply asking what i need to do to the ground i stick them in,,seems as this is the out door section and im in a bit of a hurry i thought i might ask?? im in western europe and the temps out doors are about 10-15 degrees,,a small clone i threw into the ground in my back garden is doing great and hasnt shrivelled up and died,i think perhaps they havent shriveeled up and died because im not in an incredibly hot part of the world

    any nice people got any advice?? arseholes need not apply

  5. Your questions are just really vague. The question above could go on for pages and pages about how to water and what to feed.

    It is not that I don't like answering your is that your questions have been asked MILLIONS of times. Why would I answer a question that has been asked...and detail in the same sub-forum. They have a "search" button for a reason. Or do you prefer to be spoon fed.
  6. I wouldnt throw them straight in the sunlight. Maybe a patio at first????
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    Fucking fools them two where haha. Anyways. For your soil dig a 1ft by 1ft and 1ft deep. And then fill the hole with coco soil. Do that for each plant. And if u have gon from a lamp grow to out doors, leave the plant in the sun for a copple of hours and build it up over a few weeks till u get to 24 hours. Then plant them out side. And just feed them water out side for the 1st week and start feeding them with bloom and grow.........
  8. QUOTE Or do you prefer to be spoon fed

    yeah but only by ur mother hahha

    cheers fr the replies guys..,i understand what ur saying about the not searching thing,,,but im not looking for detail,,and mainly its about the ground preparation not the feeding and watering,,a friend of mine simply pops them in the ground and gives water and his plants always do really well,,,no nutes at all,all he does is chnges his plot evry year so the ground hasnt been sucked dry of minerals by the plant

    thanks to dont know im loco and loves to grow,,,simple straight forward and quick answers,.thats what lifes all about if u ask me share the wealth haha

    ill throw some pictures up when i get them into the ground and i will also start to do my research to keep the other guys happy
  9. Hey man. You should harden them off first. Unless they are already outside, they should be taken in and out a few days before putting them in the dirt. Let them get acclimated to the sun, wind, and change in temps. Unless you get a decent amount of rain in the late summer/early fall you will have to water them. So make sure they are in a place you can get to without being noticed. I would advise you on feeding them, that is, if you want monsters.
  10. Classic. I'll send you an ounce of my harvest if you even make it to harvest.
  11. quote::::::Classic. I'll send you an ounce of my harvest if you even make it to harvest.

    cheers mate,,ill let u know when i get to harvest,,,im planning on puttng out about 20 plants in all the different areas around where i live so im bound to get one to harvest,,,,tell ya what lets make it interesting,,,if i get a plant to harvest u have to send me some seeds,,,if i dont i have to send u some!! what do u think??
  12. Nothing wrong with some healthy competition ay?!

    Lets make it even more specific. We have to buy the other person 1 feminized Barney's Farm LSD. Because that is the one strain I REALLY wanted to grow but never ordered.

    Lasty...if we both make it to harvest...then we shall compare nugs :D
  13. cool mate sounds good to me,,, i dug my holes the other night tonight i dropped off my chicken wire and my soil mix,,, im bringing everything in in stages and then when every things in ill drop the plants,, ive found an excellent spot and ive put one of the holes right on the edge of a ditch with a small stream running through it in a kinda clearing in the bush line in some light green foliage,,hopefully this will match up with the plant and they wont be standing out against the dark green stuff. the other plant is in the middle on the flat between 2 hills and there some bushes around i found a clearing facing east south east that should catch the early sun and will be lit until about the evening time perhaps...only time will tell i cant remember how the sun passes arcross the sky in the summer time,,a mate has plants out the back garden every year and the sun is blocked in the early morning by his house which faces east but the suns about the house by about midday and his plants do fairly well so i think this plant will do okay,,,

    so these are my first 2 spots hope all goes well but if i get the amount of plants out i want i should have plenty of redundancy in case people find some or some die off fingers crossed and ill work as hard as i can to get them through i really want some lsd from barneys lol
  14. hi all

    my plants are in the ground,,well 2 of them anyway

    i dug 1 ft square holes,,filled with coco and hydroton and then put the plants in a few weeks later,,i stuck them on my back porch for a while every day to get them used to being outside

    one of the plants is older than the other,about 1 foot tall with 5 leaf sets the other is quite small

    i have ghe flora range,plagron terra range,bio bizz range,and coco feed

    which of these is the best stuff to give to the plants and how will i feed it

    peace out
  15. hi all

    went to my plot the other day and one of my plants had completly dissappered and the other was ate to the stem,,,the one with the stem left had chicken wire around it and the bunnies or what ever couldnt get to the stem and a little few leaves,,but its gone now,,,next time im gonna make sure i have a lot more chicken wire to stop them getting in

    also i found what looks like caterpiller shit,,,what can i do to stop the bugs from eating the plants in the future

    thanks all
  16. FUCK YES! Sorry to be an asshole but when will I get my Barney's Farm LSD Feminized seed delivered to my door? I told you bro...should of listened.
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    I'll match that :p

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