First out door grow need help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jakethemarine, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. hey guys I know this sounds like a pretty nooby plan but I'm not looking to make the best bud or anything. This is more just for my enjoyment, I have seeds which I will germinate, after I will put them in small cups until they have 3 leaves. Then I have a sunny spot by a stream that's very secluded I will plant them there in the natural New England soil. Do you think I will yield any bud from this? Obviously I will check up on them daily and give water and what not.
  2. I didn't know if the weed absolutely couldn't grow in natural soil
  3. Or do you have any tips that wouldn't include me carrying big things into the woods
  4. If you don't want to Carry bags of soil into the woods I would recommend getting some perlite and mixing it into the soil where you are growing

    Cannabis likes light airy soil. I'm guessing the soil by a river is very heavy and packed
  5. I will proably do it on a hill side about 150 yards from the river so it will get a lot of sun, but that's I will deffently use the perlite
  6. Also you know the soil is good if there is slot of other plants around it.
  7. Yeah their is plenty of stuff around,do you think I will get all the way too when their is atleast a little bit of bud?
  8. Do you know the winning lotto numbers?
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  9. Lol good point
  10. Does anyone know if It would be better to use some of the soil from last years vegitable/flower garden

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